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   Chapter 1184 Giving In

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"Look what she just did! How dare she do that to us? Sheryl Xia!" As soon as Sheryl had left, Rachel released her anger and shouted towards the direction where Sheryl had taken her leave, venting all her rage out now.

"Who does she think she is? How dare she come to our company to boss around!" Holley fired as well. She, too, was angered by how Sheryl acted around them. The reason she told Rachel to invite Sheryl to come to Tarsan Corporation was that they could make it hard for Sheryl and embarrass her.

However, it seemed that the table had been turned, and the one got humiliated wasn't Sheryl, but the both of them!

Being humiliated in their own territory was already embarrassing enough. Not to mention, it was two against one! This situation was really a disgrace.

Rachel turned to Holley and frowned at her. "This happened because of your silly idea! Did you see the arrogance on her face? The way she talked to us? How dare she!" Rachel fumed. She could not stand to take any setbacks, no matter how small they were.

Just the feeling of failure, even the tiniest bit would make Rachel so mad as if she was allergic to failure. She would get so angry that she would start blaming it to anyone else, and now she was blaming Holley as if the drawbacks were her fault.

"I would have to agree that Sheryl shouldn't have been so arrogant, but you can't blame all of this on me. This is not entirely my fault, and you know it." The situation made Holley intolerable, and worse when Rachel started to point her finger at her. She had been wrongly accused for so many times before, and she couldn't take it anymore. There was no reason for her to keep taking all the blame in silence.

After hearing what Holley said, Rachel started to realize that she had gone a bit too far with her words and complaints. If Holley became enraged and eventually decided to quit because of how bad she treated her, then no one else would be willing to help her deal with her situation. She took a deep breath in attempt to compose herself. A moment later, she looked at Holley with regret in her eyes, and in a sincere tone, she said, "I'm sorry, Holley. I didn't mean to put all the blame on you. I just got too overwhelmed by the anger for Sheryl just now that I took it all on you. I just hate how Sheryl can get away with almost everything, and how she always gets what she wants even though she doesn't deserve them!"

From what Holley got from Rachel, she could tell that Rachel was starting to give in. Holley began to let go of her anger as well and tried to calm herself down. Even though she was not happy with how Rachel blamed her for every failure, she had no choice but to, once more, keep these feelings of remorse inside of her and hide them with a more appropriate emotion. Besides, she still needed the help of Rachel and her Tarsan Corporation to be able to deal with her situation afterwards, so working with Rachel was the only way to make sure that things would go smoothly for her in the end. In a calm voice, she replied, "It's all right, Ms. Bai. This is also my fault. I, too, was a bit overwhelmed with anger. I apologize for sounding rude. You are right, though, that it was becau

new that those employees would quickly rush out of the building like they were escaping a prison on fire.

Sheryl ignored them and immediately sat on her chair, closing her eyes as she let the exhaustion and worry be released from her. Meanwhile, as Isla passed by Sheryl's office, heading to check out from work, she stopped after hearing some noises coming from the office and thought that someone had sneaked in, so she pushed open the door quietly just to see who was the intruder inside at this hour.

She was relieved to see Sheryl sitting on the chair, but she could not understand why Sheryl would be here at this hour, so she asked, "Sher?" Sheryl opened her eyes to see Isla, who looked very confused as she closed the door behind her. Sheryl forced herself to remain calm and did not dared to let any of her emotions be betrayed on her face.

"Didn't you go to meet a client? How come you're back so soon? Where is the client? Did he not show up? Or was everything settled already?" Isla asked with confusion written all over her face. Sheryl looked at her and noticed that she was about to go home already if not for the noises she probably made when she entered her office. Then again, Isla did not know where Sheryl really went, so she had no idea what an emotional roller-coaster she had ridden on for the past few hours.

Sheryl took her time to answer when Isla approached her with a series of questions. After a pause, she managed to quickly regain from her thoughts and answered curtly, "Yep, settled."

"Oh, that's great, but why did you still come to the office if it's already settled? Shouldn't you be home by now and rest?" Isla asked without sounding like prying. She sensed that Sheryl was a little different today, and although she could not tell where the difference was exactly, she knew that something was going on with Sheryl.

A moment later, she realized that the reason for this difference was because Sheryl was not in a good mood.

For the past few months, Sheryl had never been in a good mood.

Being the person beside Sheryl for those few months, Isla would know without the need to ask.

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