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   Chapter 1183 Intimate Addressing

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"I wasn't talking to you, Holley. So, shut up. Don't you think you are being ridiculous?" Sheryl said, turning to look at Holley with an icy glare. She resisted the strong impulse to expose Holley's true colors in front of Rachel.

"You are being impossible. You are in no position to accuse me, Sheryl," Holley hissed. When Sheryl wasn't around, Holley thought of herself as eloquent. But every time she faced Sheryl, she was always rendered speechless.

She hated being trapped in such a helpless situation. 'Since we are in Tarsan Corporation, I can't let her be so perky towards me, ' Holley thought.

"Oh, really? How about I share your miserable past with Rachel? That way, you two can assess who is more shameless!" Sheryl threatened as she stood up from her seat and made her way towards Holley.

"Don't you dare think you can do whatever you want just because you have Tarsan Corporation backing you. If you have learned nothing from your previous experiences, then you can forget all about my warning," she continued, staring deep into Holley's eyes.

"Come on, Sheryl. What's the point of speaking of her past now? You agreed to come here because you want to figure out what is going on between Charles and me. If you are curious about that, you should come here and ask me. Don't bully Holley," Rachel cut in, coming to Holley's rescue.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me. Ms. Bai, you do owe me an explanation," Sheryl replied, as she came back to her seat. When she heard Rachel mention her husband's name, her heart skipped a beat.

'She said "Charles and me,"

not "Charles Lu and me"

or "Mr. Lu and me."

Are they close enough to call each other by their first names?

I thought only I could call him Charles, ' she thought with a sting in her heart.

But she kept a blank face as she pulled herself together. She watched Rachel intently to scrutinize some information from her facial expression.

However, Sheryl failed to c

e, Sheryl grasped her hand tightly.

"Do you think I am just gonna sit here and take your beating?" Sheryl asked, her eyes berserk with fury.

She was annoyed and her grip on Rachel's wrist became tighter. Rachel grimaced in pain. She tried to break free from the angry woman's grasp, but to no avail. Glowering at Rachel, Sheryl said threateningly, "You should give up on your stupid dreams right now. If you were going to seduce a married man, you should have done some investigation on his wife first. You messed with the wrong person."

She released Rachel from her grip and scoffed at her pain-stricken face. She turned around and advanced towards the door. When she caught sight of Holley, she paused and turned to meet Rachel's gaze.

"Ms. Bai, now that you and I are in love with the same man...I mean, now that you are interested in my man, I will give you a piece of advice. Holley is a greedy and untrustworthy person. You'd better think twice before deciding to continue on working with her. If you keep her by your side any longer, you'll not only lose Tarsan Corporation, but also the man you love," Sheryl warned.

Exuding a powerful aura, she walked out of Rachel's office in her four-inch high heels.

Rachel and Holley were left behind to glance at each other in utter defeat.

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