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   Chapter 1181 Provocation

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Rachel's laughter was filled with contempt and provocation, which severely annoyed Sheryl, leaving her in a state of anxiety. Sheryl involuntarily moved the computer's mouse to check her email.

She received an email message and holding her breath, clicked on the new unopened email with a shaky hand. She encouraged herself to be strong, yet she was shocked and heartbroken at the sight of the photos in front of her.

She thought about whether the photos were real and pondered on the thought, in the hope that she would convince herself that they were indeed fake. However, they looked real.

'Is Charles secretly dating Rachel? If that's the case, then why does he treat me so well?

If he has nothing to do with Rachel, then why on earth would he risk meeting her in private at Lavender Bar?' she brooded. Going through the photos, which seemed rather convincing, Sheryl wondered to herself whether it was enough to prove that they were indeed in a relationship.

At the mere thought of this, Sheryl felt her heart contort. She immediately felt like she was going to have an anxiety attack and she had trouble breathing. A dizzy spell also came over her, leaving her vision blurred. 'What did I do to deserve this? Am I going to lose him?' she wondered, sneering while holding her chest that was in pain.

All of the happy moments spent between her and Charles flashed inside of her mind. At that point, she couldn't even comprehend the moment her husband started to get sick of her.

"Don't you just love my gift, Sheryl? I bet that you would love to have a conversation with me in person now. Am I correct?" Rachel suggested. Hearing Sheryl gasping for air, Rachel felt pleased with herself.

Judging by the sound, she speculated that Sheryl had browsed through all of the pictures she had sent her.

Sheryl's tone aroused Rachel's wild imagination. She suspected that Sheryl was consumed by a state of panic and pain. The more she thought about the pain she had caused, the more satisfied she was.

"Where are you? I need to see you," Sheryl said as she breathed and tried to regain her composure.

She initially believed that things would be fine if she pretended as if nothing had happened. However, now Rachel had sent her this. If she continued to play dumb, she might just lose her husband forever.

'I can't sta

sy and overwhelmed. She couldn't even imagine how Rachel was about to insult her and sneer at her shamelessly during their meeting. Finally, she arrived at Tarsan Corporation and entered the building, walking straight up to the front desk.

"Do you have an appointment, Ms. Xia?" the receptionist asked her politely.

Rachel had invited Sheryl to her company to meet with her, but didn't inform the front desk staff of her visitor. That was why the girl didn't dare to let Sheryl in directly. Since Rachel, the president of the company, and her new manager, Holley, were both difficult to deal with, she didn't have the guts to displease them in any manner.

She had to proceed in accordance with company policies no matter who wanted to visit her president.

As a matter of fact, Sheryl made a good impression on the receptionist girl. The latter was grateful to Sheryl for she helped her keep her job.

Moreover, she admired this female president's remarkable personality.

When Sheryl was rumored as being a cheater, she handled the crisis in a composed manner. The receptionist was impressed to say the least. Since then, she already thought of Sheryl as her idol.

"Your president invited me," Sheryl replied candidly. Even though she was eager to meet Rachel, she decided to wait for the receptionist to call her, instead of just walking to her office.

"Oh, I see. Wait here, please. I will call Ms. Bai first." Upon hearing this, the receptionist was surprised, as she had heard Rachel and Holley talking about Sheryl just a few days ago.

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