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   Chapter 1178 Give Me A Hug

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"Charles, what are you talking about? I never went anywhere near Sheryl, let alone talk to her to try splitting you up. This is just Sheryl's trick," Rachel defended herself. She initially assumed that Charles and Sheryl had gotten into a fight at home.

'But according to what Charles has said, it doesn't look like they had a big fight. Moreover, Sheryl must have told him that I bullied her, ' she thought in disdain.

She didn't expect that Sheryl would remain so calm after she had witnessed her and Charles at the bar that night. She thought things would be more interesting than this.

Although the plan hadn't gone as expected, Rachel was still pleased with the result. Charles was peeved, which meant that Sheryl had complained to him.

That must have had a bad influence on their relationship, she guessed.

"Why in the world would Sher try to set you up? I know you very well. Old habits die hard, I guess. Three years have passed, but you haven't changed one bit. You can fool others with your act, but not me," Charles retorted, casting her a scornful glance.

"So that's how you think of me. I did some bad things three years ago, but it doesn't mean that I'm still the same! People change, you know? I have realized that I was wrong. That's why I came back and tried to approach you. I wanted to make amends with you, not break up you and Sheryl," Rachel explained, as she squeezed a few teardrops.

Thanks to her former profession as an actress, she could burst into tears any time.

"You approached me because you wanted to make up for your mistakes? Is that why you abducted my children and set up my wife? Have you no shame? If you continue this charade, you will pay the price for it one day," Charles said, his eyes fuming in rage. Initially, Charles had only meant to lecture h

n my dreams and I think of you all the time. I came back to Y City because I wanted to see you," Rachel confessed with fake tears as she drew closer to Charles.

She stopped when she could finally reach and touch Charles' face. As she figured that he was running out of patience and was about to walk away, she quickly threw her arms around him in a hug. "Charles, I will do whatever you ask of me. I will stay away from Sheryl and you. Please just give me a hug, won't you?" she pleaded.

"Keep your hands off me!" He was taken aback by her actions. Out of instinct, he pushed her back.

Caught off guard, Rachel tumbled backwards, lost her balance and collapsed to the floor.

"Argh!" she screamed as she hit the floor.

This time, she wasn't acting. The fall really hurt. Even Holley, who was hiding in a corner, had heard the loud thump.

"If you ever touch me again, you will suffer more than this," Charles snorted as he turned around and left the cafe.

He didn't bother to help Rachel, leaving her to pick herself up.

She was furious. Embarrassed, she lifted herself from the floor. Staring at his receding figure, she declared through gnashed teeth, "Let's wait and see, Charles!"

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