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   Chapter 1177 I Will Not Spare You

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Charles frowned and wondered how Rachel turned into such a crafty and evil woman. When they were still together back then, she was completely different. She was a sensible, kind girl in his eyes. Now, however, he wondered if she was just a fake before, and that this was really her true nature. He had a bad expression of her.

There was nothing left inside of Charles but hatred for Rachel.

"Hello, Mr. Lu. What's the occasion? Why did you want to see me in such a hurry?" Rachel asked in a sweet voice. His call didn't surprise her. Judging by the anger in his voice, she guessed that Charles and Sheryl had a big fight, and that he wanted to talk about it with her. This thought overjoyed Rachel that she answered the call immediately.

She even started to imagine the happy life that she and Charles would have after he and Sheryl got divorced.

However, Rachel's playful coy and flirtation only enraged him more. "Let me make myself clear. I do not want to see you, but I have no choice at the very moment, so get your ass over here right away!" he demanded brashly without even considering her feelings.

Still in a flirting and sweet tone, Rachel replied, "Fine. Since you invite me, then I will be there. Please, tell me where you are, so I can be on my way." Even though Charles had yelled and insulted her, she still wasn't fazed or even mad about it. Her mood was just too good to be overcome.

Since Charles had no intention of going anywhere else, he told her to come to the cafe and ended the call without waiting for her response.

Charles heaved a furious breath before drinking the coffee in one gulp. The anger had overwhelmed him, making him yell at the waitress for another refill.

His attitude broke the tranquil and warm atmosphere of the cafe. It also drew the attention of most guests. When they turned to look at his direction, they were surprised and miffed to found out where the raging noise came from. At that moment, Charles became aware of his rude behavior, but he was still fuming, rendering him having no mood to apologize.

As the other people in the cafe landed their eyes on Charles, they immediately withdrew their curious glances and started to whisper and talk to their companies as if nothing happened.

They all had one thing in mind, and that was that they couldn't afford and dare to mess with Charles. Once they showed how annoyed and scornful they were to his rude behavior, they might just get themselves into more trouble. This man was powerful, wealthy, and influential enough to be able to change their fa

around and spotted Charles, sitting alone at a table by the window. A sly smile slowly appeared on her face as she went straight to him. "I apologize for being late, Mr. Lu. I was stuck in traffic. I hope I haven't kept you waiting for so long," Rachel said as she took a seat next to Charles.

Charles had been here ever since Isla had left, so he had been waiting long. He ignored this thought as the anger filled up inside him once again after seeing and hearing Rachel. In a harsh voice, he shot back, "I asked you here, because I wanted to ask you something. No need to explain what took you so long."

Rachel pouted and with a pitiful look, she explained, "What's wrong, Mr. Lu? I just wanted to express my guilt for keeping you waiting." As she said this, she stretched her hand and attempted to reach for his.

Charles looked at her as her eyes flashed with sincerity and regret, while her voice carried sincerity and earnestness. Then again, Charles wasn't easy to fool, and this act enraged him more. Because of the frustration inside of him, he didn't realized that Rachel was already aiming to touch his hand. As soon as her hand landed on his, Holley immediately took a picture.

"What are you doing?" Charles shouted at her as he angrily withdrew his hand. He looked at her with intimidation, and if looks could kill, Rachel would have been dead on the spot. Charles hated being touched, especially by this vile woman. Charles' nose started to flare as he threatened, "Rachel, I am warning you. You better stay away from Sheryl from now on, because once I find out that you said anything or did anything to her just to ruin our relationship, I am warning you, Rachel, I will not spare you."

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