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   Chapter 1176 I Need To See You Right Now

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No matter what had happened, Sheryl thought that she still had to move on. She had no idea when Charles would explain to her the kind of relationship he shared with Rachel. Nevertheless, she had no choice but to let nature take its course.

She was unwilling to face the cruel fact that Charles had an affair. That would be too much to bear.

'If I simply let go of this matter and stop even thinking of mentioning it to Charles, perhaps we can get through this. But hell no! It looks more like I am deceiving myself, ' she struggled inside. She was definitely torn.

Unlike Sheryl, who had chosen silence, Charles decided to find out the reason for his wife sulking to help her out.

And he knew who he should turn to for assistance.

Wasting no time, Charles checked his phone contacts and soon dialed a number. Isla, who at that time had just stepped into her house, was stunned as she stared at the caller ID. Still bewildered, she accepted the call after a few seconds.

"Hello, Mr. Lu?" Isla answered, surprised and puzzled.

"Hi, Isla. When do you have time? I have something to ask you," Charles began curtly. This was the way he spoke. He always cut straight to the point.

"Alright, Mr. Lu! Now that you want to see me, how would I dare to say no?" She agreed in a tone of sarcasm. She was absolutely clueless as to why Charles suddenly wanted to meet her. But she had a gut feeling that it had something to do with what had happened between him and Rachel at the bar that night.

Isla was now determined to interrogate Charles and to figure out the relationship between him and Rachel. However, she had reluctantly given up that thought when she recalled that Sheryl forbade her to confront Charles. She didn't want to upset her best friend.

'Perhaps it is just Sheryl's point of view, and not necessarily represent how Charles perceives the whole thing. What if Charles wants to talk openly about that?' she mused.

"Please tell me the place and time, Mr. Lu," Isla prompted. Obviously, the way she communicated with Charles had changed. Convinced that he had cheated on her best friend, she was furiously mad at him. Although she tried so hard to control her disgust towards him, her voice still

haps they could live together. As long as he still has feelings for Sher, and he loves his children, he will not resort to divorce her.

And if Sher chooses to let it go, then the chance that they can move on is highly probable.

But if Sher brought it up, Charles might get angry. When that happens, Sher might lose everything, ' Isla ruminated.

After weighing it over, Isla chose to remain silent. 'Now that Sher is intending to wait for Charles to confess, I should respect her decision. Who knows, Sher might figure out whether her husband deserves her or not, ' she decided.

"Oh yeah, you're right, Mr. Lu. You did nothing wrong. If there isn't anything else, then I should be going," Isla uttered in a sullen tone before she rose from her seat and stormed out of the cafe.

Charles was left alone, trapped in his musings. As he mulled it over, he speculated that Rachel or Holley had set him up.

'It must be their doing. Otherwise, Sher and Isla would not be so mad at me, ' he assumed.

'I should meet Rachel and ask her what she has done, ' he decided.

The longer he thought about it, the more shameless he found Rachel was.

'This woman tried to put Sher down several times. I already taught her a lesson, but she didn't learn from it. If she indeed pushed my buttons, I would not spare her, ' he swore.

He gave Rachel a call. The minute he got through to her, he seethed with anger and huffed, "No matter where you are, I need to see you right now."

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