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   Chapter 1175 Lose The Man You Love

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Not only did Sheryl not have much time to think about Charles' cheating, she also didn't want to think about it. Striding towards her car, she hurried inside, started the engine and drove straight to Cloud Advertising Company.

She was slightly late when she arrived at the company building, so she parked her car quickly and headed towards the entrance. The moment she stepped inside, she froze as a thought came to her. 'All of my employees saw Charles and Rachel last night. They might gossip about this behind my back. Or they might exaggerate what happened and share it with others.'

This was an unsettling thought, but since there was nothing she could do about the past, she decided to face it bravely. So she mustered up some courage, took a deep breath and entered the company.

The minute she stepped through the door, Isla pulled her into a corner and whispered in a low voice, "We need to talk, Sher."

"What's up, Isla?" Sheryl asked curiously, observing her stern expression. She had no idea what Isla wanted from her, but sensed that it was something serious.

"Just follow me," Isla said bluntly as she walked towards her office.

After Sheryl followed her inside, Isla closed the door behind her, the stern look on her face fading slightly. Analyzing her boss from head to toe, she inquired in a sincere, earnest tone, "How were you and Charles last night?"

Finally understanding what Isla wanted to talk to her about, Sheryl heaved a long breath. 'I thought there had been a serious problem with the company.'

She breathed a huge sigh of relief.

"You didn't mention what you saw at the bar last night to Charles, did you?" Isla queried, her eyes dilated with worry. When Isla saw how calm Sheryl was, her pity turned to anger.

"What else could I do, Isla?" Sheryl replied quietly, hoping that she could understand. She didn't want to lose Charles.


think about what had happened and didn't know how to handle this crisis in her marriage.

'Does Charles have any feelings for me at all? Does he still love me or not? What's going on with him and Rachel?' So many questions were racing through her mind.

She was more eager than anyone to know whether Charles truly had an affair, but she couldn't gather enough courage to confront him about it.

And since she didn't know how to mention it to him, Sheryl decided to let time solve the issue for her.

"Work, work, you only know work. When you finally make your fortune, you'll find that you've lost the man you love!" Isla complained loudly. But after spitting out the words, she regretted them instantly realizing that they were quite harsh.

Isla, however, had meant exactly what she said. She didn't want to see Sheryl live in remorse after losing her husband.

Sheryl was a considerate

and sensitive woman, so she knew that Isla hadn't meant any harm.

"Who cares? I have you anyway. As long as you stand by my side, I will fear nothing!" Sheryl joked playfully, smiling warmly at her confidant. As she gazed at her friend, Sheryl sank into deep thought. 'I'm not lying. Isla is very important to me. No one can take her place in my heart.'

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