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   Chapter 1174 Can't Run Away From It

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After Sheryl realized that Melissa was doing all this to please her son, her guilt eventually dissipated.

'She is only acting in front of Charles. She is not doing this out of love for my children. Why should I be sorry for her?' she mentally sneered.

"I am going to drive Clark and Shirley to school," Sheryl nonchalantly informed them. Then she led the two kids out of the house without hesitation.

'Both the mother and son are disgusting. I have to get those miserable things out of my mind if I want to stay with them, ' she thought.

"What's the matter with you, Mommy? You look upset," Clark probed as soon as they got into the car.

"I'm fine, honey," Sheryl casually replied as she started the engine, and drove straight towards the kindergarten. She could always hide negative emotions successfully when Clark was around. But today, she had forgotten to keep her facial expressions in check.

"Mommy, don't lie to me. When you talked to Grandma, you never looked at Daddy. But he was staring at you. Did you have a fight with Daddy?" Clark prompted gently, refusing to believe her.

He was a sensitive kid, and he paid much attention to his mother. Since he was such a keen observer that nothing could escape his notice.

As a result, Sheryl could never manage to deceive his shrewd son.

"No. Your daddy and I are good. It is just that I did not sleep well last night. And I felt like I was too tired to speak," she explained. She attempted to make up a story to convince Clark, but she didn't know that her son had a nose for a lie. The little boy could sense that her mother was lying.

"Mommy, people have both good days and bad days. I hope you not only share pleasant things with me but also the sad ones. This way, you won't have to suffer alone. What do you think?" Clark offered with a resolute look in his big eyes.

And it sounded like he was confessing his love to someone dear to him.

Glad having such a considerate son, Sheryl felt like the luckiest mother i

my family. Once she sets her mind on getting him back, will he choose Rachel? I have no idea, ' Sheryl brooded, feeling totally downhearted.

Since she couldn't figure it out, she felt helpless. And she was confused more than ever if she should continue to stick to that issue. "Well, you guys, you're going to be late. Hurry up!" Sheryl urged.

"Got it," Shirley responded meekly. With a sweet smile, the little girl headed towards the gate cheerfully.

But Clark remained where he was, watching Sheryl closely. Then he pleaded, "Mommy, I have to get going. But as soon as we get home, you must tell me what bothers you."

He was fully aware that there was something wrong because his mother would not be acting that way.

Sheryl simply nodded to avoid arguing with him, knowing her son did not believe when she said she was all right.

"Okay, I will. Go to class first. I will share it with you at home when I pick you up in the evening," she agreed.

Noting the sincerity in the way his mother looked at him, he believed her words. With a nod, he turned around and walked towards Shirley.

It usually took her less than half an hour to drive from the kindergarten to her company. Glancing at her watch, Sheryl realized that she only had about thirty minutes left before her work hours. She should hurry up to make it.

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