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   Chapter 1171 Shaken Awake From A Sweet Dream

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 9991

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The elevator arrived with a "ding" and everyone tried to rush into it to run away from the scene which was about to unfold. They called out to Sheryl and Isla, "The elevator is here. We are leaving now. Bye!"

Others echoed, "Yes, it's time for us to go." They were trying to avoid the embarrassing situation. The elevator was overloaded and some of them couldn't get in. They decided to take the stairs rather than wait for the next elevator. Sheryl watched their ridiculous show without saying a word.

Rachel saw everything from her booth, and she smiled proudly. This was the kind of effect that she wanted to see.

But she wanted Sheryl to witness this with her own eyes. She wanted to destroy her happiness and her trust in Charles. Thinking about Sheryl's reaction when she saw them together, she couldn't hide her smile.

"Charles, how do you feel right now?" asked Rachel gently. She acted innocent, as she slowly gave him a massage. She added, "Is this pressure okay with you? I learned this method while I was filming the traditional Chinese medicine movie a long time ago. It was written in the script that this massage to the chest would dispel the effects of alcohol. I'm not sure if it's effective or not. Do you feel any better?"

"It doesn't work," said Charles coldly. After they entered the booth, Rachel asked him to lie down because that would spark wild theories in people when they saw them. It would have been more effective to the development of her plan. But Charles wouldn't listen to her and sat on the sofa instead.

She was annoyed that he had not cooperated with her. Besides, she even had some difficulty having him stay in the booth with her.

"That's how this massage works. You won't feel any immediate effect after the massage, but it's the most harmless treatment for your body," said Rachel in a convincing tone. She wanted Charles to stay in the booth as long as possible so that more people, especially Sheryl, could see them in the same room, being intimate with each other. 'My poor Sheryl, how would you feel when you see this?' Rachel thought and smirked happily.

There was music playing in the booth. The combination of the dull light and the soft music gave off an aura of romance.

It was not possible to hear what they were talking about from outside the booth, but from Rachel's smiling face, it would be evident to anyone that she was really enjoying her time with Charles.

She was so close to him that it looked like he was holding her in his arms. He did not reject her at all.

Isla was about to rush into the room to catch his cheating on Sheryl, but at that very moment, when she stepped out towards the booth, she was pulled back by Sheryl very quickly.

"Isla, don't enter that box!" Sheryl requested. Sheryl was pretty thin and always looked so weak. Isla wondered how she had such explosive strength to pull her back like that!

"Sher, do you understand the situation here? Why won't you let me in? He is ins

et. If we stop here, our efforts would be wasted. Why don't you let me finish it?" she demanded. She had tried so hard to get him stay there with her. She would try everything to stop him from leaving.

"Our efforts would be wasted?" Charles said in a mocking tone. His expression changed. He asked indifferently, "Rachel, are you afraid that the efforts you put into this massaging would be wasted, or are you actually afraid that you will gain nothing from the efforts you have made tonight?"

"Charles, I am afraid I don't know what you are talking about," Rachel said, slightly panicking. She was afraid that he would guess her real purpose. She pretended to have not done anything wrong.

"You don't know? Why don't you ask your partner, Lance? Rachel, don't take me for a fool. I did drink a lot, but I'm not drunk! I know exactly where I am, and it is pretty obvious what you are trying to do." Since he got the answers he was looking for from her actions, he didn't want to continue giving her hope. He knew what she had done to Sheryl. He wanted her to go through the same pain Sheryl had suffered.

A woman so vicious deserved it.

"Charles... I... I don't know what you mean. I don't follow you." She pretended as if she knew nothing about Lance's plan. She thought that if she played innocent, Charles might be fooled.

"Get out of the room, right now! You don't need me to say that again, do you?" Charles demanded. He was disgusted by her so much that he did not want to continue talking to her. She looked so miserable and pitiable, but all her misery was caused by her own conduct. Nobody would show any pity for her. All her pitiable looks were just some kind of pretension to Charles.

"I... I did not do anything wrong! How can you treat me like this?" She was unwilling to accept that Charles had seen through everything.

She did not understand why she had to lose him again when she had nearly won his heart. Rachel was shaken awake from her sweet dreams!

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