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   Chapter 1170 Uneasiness

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There was no reply. Holley had already slipped away quietly.

Isla was closest to the door. When Holley had knocked, she was the one who had spoken. Noticing that no one answered, Sheryl asked curiously, "What's going on?"

With a shrug, Isla replied lazily, "Never mind. Perhaps someone got lost, or it was some drunk fellow who got the wrong compartment."

"Oh, okay," Sheryl replied. Since Isla's assumption made sense, she decided to let it go.

However, out of curiosity, a girl rose from her seat and made her way to the door to check if someone was still around.

Her eyes fell on two figures in the corridor and her mouth went agape in shock. With a stunned expression, she closed the door in a hurry and sprinted back to her friend. Leaning forward, she whispered in her ear and told her what she had seen.

Thunderstruck, her friend, who was a blabbermouth, exclaimed, "What? Mr. Lu is here with Ms. Bai?"

The explosive news filled the room and everyone stared at her, widemouthed.

The girl who had seen them outside regretted it immediately. Rattled, she glared at her friend with her reproachful eyes not knowing what to say.

As silence fell, the girl who had yelled out the news realized that she had made a serious mistake. Now, everyone in the room knew that Sheryl's husband was sneaking around with Rachel.

And Sheryl had heard it clearly too. 'I've complicated things for her, ' she thought.

The staff held their breaths. They didn't dare say anything in front of their boss because they knew that Sheryl held a grudge against Rachel.

"I will go check it out myself," Sheryl said, breaking the suffocating silence. She couldn't believe what she had heard. 'I know Charles very well. He would never lie to me and sneak around with Rachel behind my back under the pretext of a

s just you and me now. Can we go and teach that unfaithful Charles a hard lesson now?" Isla blurted out as she looked at the empty room with no one but Sheryl in it.

Sheryl was opposed to her idea. She stopped Isla from rushing out because she didn't want to embarrass herself and her husband.

"What are you afraid of, Sher? You should go find him and figure out what he is doing here with Rachel," Isla urged in a stern tone. "Fine! If you don't want to, then you stay here. I will find the answer for you."

Saying those words, she strode towards the door.

"Isla..." Sheryl tried to grab her hand, but Isla was already gone. Out of options, she followed her friend out.

When she exited the booth, she saw that all of her employees had their eyes fixed on the booth opposite to the lift. Although they weren't making any comments, she could see by their expressions that they were seeing something nasty.

"What are you all looking at?" Sheryl queried to her colleagues, ignoring Isla.

At that moment, she let the uneasiness get the better of her.

Sheryl was too anxious to control herself.

Isla also sensed that something was off. With a furious expression, she ran towards the booth.

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