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   Chapter 1169 You Need My Help

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"Rest assured, Ms. Bai. I will keep an eye out," Holley nodded.

"Good," Rachel said with an approving smile. She glanced around surreptitiously. After making sure that no one was around, she made her way to the men's room.

As she was about to step inside, she ran into a man who was coming out of the restroom. He was bewildered. He stopped and scrutinized the beautiful woman. She threw a warning glance at the man as he continued staring at her.

He opened his mouth, attempting to say something. But when he met Rachel's threatening gaze, he froze and held his tongue. The second he got over the fear, he ran away in a fluster as if he had seen a ghost.

Holley was amused by the scene which was unfolding in front of her.

'What a coward! Unlike him, Charles is a handsome, competent and well-bred gentleman. Nowadays, men like him are so rare, ' she thought.

Charles was alone inside the restroom now.

He was stuck inside because he had drunk too much. He seldom drank, and as a result, he felt his stomach churning. With his hands pressed against the edge of the basin, the omnipotent president lowered his head and puked again and again.

When he was finally done, he opened the tap to wash his face. And he reflected, 'I cannot do this anymore. I drank too much!'

A short shrill scream pulled him back from his thoughts. "Oh my God. What are you doing here?"

Charles was familiar with the voice. And he found it disgusting.

"Seriously? Are you kidding me? Why are you here?" Charles asked with a poker face. He looked up in the mirror and saw a dumbfounded Rachel whose jaw had almost dropped to the floor.

'Why does she always have to appear around my corner?

Or do I hate her so much that I'm hallucinating about her?

Oh, yeah. This is just an illusion. Otherwise, why would she be in the men's restroom?' he brooded.

"Charles, I know that you don't like me. But even so, how could you come into the ladies' room to corner me

d. With an elfin smile, she replied cheerfully, "Oh, yes. I wasn't expecting you here. How about we get out of here first and talk later? We might make a scene if people see us in here."

Although she was no longer a teenage girl, she used to be such a good actress. So she played coy without any flaws. Her trick would've worked on any other man. But this was Charles.

She had chosen the wrong person.

"Okay," Charles agreed with an indifferent smile. He planned to go along with her to see what game she was playing. So, he decided to follow Rachel out of the restroom.

"Charles, you are drunk. You need my help," Rachel said loudly, as she placed his arm around her neck. And Charles didn't refuse. She spoke loudly so that Holley would hear her and hide somewhere quickly.

Holley did get Rachel's message. As Rachel and Charles walked out of the restroom, she turned around and went straight to the ladies' room.

"Slow down, Charles. This way," Rachel said, turning to wink at Holley.

Holley knew what she was supposed to do next. When Rachel inclined forward to block Charles' sight, she ran quickly and was soon out of their sight. As she passed Sheryl's compartment, she knocked hard on the door three times.

"Who is it? Come on in!" a female voice resounded from inside the booth.

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