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   Chapter 1168 To The Men's Restroom

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As Rachel and Holley entered their booth, the former sent Lance a text as planned.

It read, "We are ready. Bring Mr. Lu out."

After sending the brief message, she was feeling thrilled.

"Shall we open the door now?" Rachel inquired eagerly. She couldn't wait to make her next move. If everything went according to their plan, Sheryl would be very upset. The thought of her enemy being distraught brought her much excitement.

"Don't be in a hurry. We haven't received Mr. Zhan's reply yet." Holley stopped her, shaking her head. 'If we open the door now, what if Sheryl or Isla goes past the booth and sees us? That will screw up my plans, ' she mulled.

"Right, you have a point," Rachel agreed meekly. She was going to stick to Holley's advice on this matter. No matter what Holley said, she would agree to it without any doubts. Her planning had been perfect so far.

She had no other choice but to trust Holley because she had no idea how to get revenge on Sheryl by herself.

A few minutes later, Rachel received Lance's message. It said, "I've brought him to the restroom."

"Charles is in the restroom. What should we do now, Holley?" Rachel asked after she read the message twice.

"I see. Let's go meet him there. Come on, Ms. Bai. You are not still worried that people might see you and him together, are you?" Holley responded casually as she flashed her boss a meaningful smile. She knew that it was time to kick things up a notch. 'Things are gonna get more interesting now, ' Holley giggled inwardly.

A relieved smile appeared on Rachel's face. She said in a self-assured tone, "I am not worried about that. We came here to have a good time. There is no rule that I can't be where Charles is at the same time. Besides, I didn't expect that he would be here. If anyone asks, this is all just a coincidence."

"Exactly. All of this is nothing but a coincidence. After all, we live in Y City; anything can h

turous person?" Holley asked Rachel with a mysterious twinkle in her eyes.

"What do you mean?" Rachel asked, looking puzzled.

"Would you like to go inside?" Holley suggested, looking at the entrance of the men's room.

"Have you lost your mind?" Rachel raised her voice slightly, glaring at Holley. "That is the men's room. How can I go in there?"

she hissed in a low voice as she met Holley's mischievous eyes.

"Ms. Bai. Do you want to create a situation where he wouldn't be able to ignore you even though he hates being in your presence?" Holley inquired, a mysterious expression settling on her face.

"What are you saying? Make it clear."

"You should go in there and ask him why he is in the lady's room with an innocent look." Perceiving the confusion on Rachel's face, Holley explained further, "Drunk men can't stand being set up or misunderstood. So, he will try to defend himself."

Rachel agreed with Holley's idea. As she was about to nod, Holley continued, "Besides, if you don't retort and apologize to him gently, he will be pleased."

"I see. You are suggesting that I catch his attention first and then make him talk to me..." Rachel paused. Cracking a contented smile, she said, "Okay, I'm on it. Stay here and don't let anyone in. Do you understand?"

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