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   Chapter 1167 We Did It

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"Are you sure?" asked Charles. He looked so serious with his stony facial features. He gazed at Lance with his cold eyes which shocked him.

"Of course, I am sure. Mr. Lu, you have to trust me," replied Lance in a sincere tone. He stared at Charles and waited for his reply.

The other entrepreneurs also gazed at Charles and made the same promise. Although those promises were ostensibly varied, they roughly meant the same thing.

Charles did not expose their hypocrisy since he knew that it wouldn't change anything and it was no fun doing that to them. Now that they had all made promises to him, it meant that though they had chosen Tarsan Corporation earlier just for kicks, they would come back to Shining Company in the end. They were loyal to Shining Company when the moment was right for them.

They all understood that Shining Company's position in Y City could not be shaken by Tarsan Corporation very easily. They would not destroy the future of their companies for Rachel's private affairs.

In other words, they were just using each other for what they needed at the moment.

"Well, now that you have all made your promises, I propose a toast to all of you here," said Charles in a casual tone. Charles somehow felt at peace. He knew that they would come back to his company.

He decided not to interfere with their affairs since they wanted to start fresh. He was well aware that those people would come back to him when they ran into a brick wall. And by then, they would understand his company's position in Y City.

What was more, Charles was incredulous that a woman like Rachel could run a company.

'I should try to win people's support in Y City by taking this opportunity. It is a good chance for me to gain some momentum, ' Charles thought to himself. A faint smile crept over his face.

"Mr. Lu, you are too kind. We are the ones who should be proposing a toast to you," said Lance politely. He continued to stand beside Charles, pouring him more drinks.

"All right, then. Cheers!" Charles shouted out. He burs

el was a distinguished guest in the bar. Although Lavender Bar was just a small part of Lance's estate, he would bring his most important clients here all the time.

That meant that Rachel must have an impressive background and that was why the waiter maintained a respectful attitude towards her.

"Rachel, we shouldn't be wasting time on such trivial matters. It is getting late. If we don't hurry, Sheryl might leave," persuaded Holley.

Rachel was so irritated earlier, but after hearing Holley's words, she was determined not to haggle over it. "Right! We should move. Now that everything is prepared, let's get on with it," replied Rachel.

"Okay, remember to send a message to Lance when we get to the box," reminded Holley. A sly smile crept over her face once again as she thought about what was about to happen.

"I will. Don't worry," said Rachel, nodding her head. She waited quietly.

Shortly afterwards, the waiter came rushing to them. "Ms. Bai, I have arranged everything for you. Do you want to go right away or do you want to wait for a moment?" asked the waiter.

"Lead the way now," replied Rachel in a rather impatient voice. She was still a little bit infuriated by the waiter.

"Okay, Ms. Bai. Please follow me. This way please," said the man in a polite tone. Saying that, he leaned slightly and pointed towards the elevator.

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