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   Chapter 1166 Stop Working With Shining Company

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Lance texted her back. It read, "You're the boss, Rachel. Wait, I am on it."

When Rachel received the message, she broke into a hearty laughter. Putting her phone in front of her partner in crime, she exclaimed, "He accepted!" She stared at Holley in disbelief, absorbed in her thoughts. 'She is amazing. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have the nerve to send this text.'

"Ms. Bai, all you need to do now is wait patiently. Since he has agreed to help, I'm sure he will not let you down," Holley assured her in a calm tone. As she scanned the message on Rachel's phone, she was elated.

"Yeah, I am gonna stay here and wait for the right moment," she nodded in high spirits.

While Rachel and Holley were waiting quietly at the corner, Sheryl was having fun with her employees.

Inside their compartment, Sheryl and her companions were having a great time. She was always buried in work at the office, but she finally decided to let loose and enjoy her time. She not only volunteered to sing to create a lively atmosphere, but also actively threw herself into games.

Sheryl's behavior made Isla's jaw drop. Isla was seeing a different side of Sheryl for the first time.

"Mr. Lu, this is your first time at the Lavender Bar. I would like to personally take care of you and make sure you enjoy your time here. Let's toast to celebrate your first time at my establishment," Lance proposed as he raised his glass at Charles. He was trying to get Charles drunk. That was the task Rachel had given him.

Rachel would make her move after Charles was tipsy.

"Do you forget that I don't drink?" Charles snapped back with a raised eyebrow. That was a lie. He said that to his business partners sometimes to avoid drinking, and right now, he didn't feel like drinking.

If he ever felt like it, he would. Otherwise, he would refuse calmly no matter who was offering.

And no one ever dared to force him.

And now, Lance was caught unawares by the sudden refusal.

Holding his wine glass in the air, he stood alone leering at the motionless Charles. Awkward, he didn't know whether he should put down his glass.


in fear. He speculated that Charles had learnt about him fooling around with Rachel and Holley.

'Although the two women are enchanting, they are completely different types. Rachel is sexy, and Holley is innocent. I am attracted to them; I can't resist their temptation, ' he thought.

"Please don't tease me, Mr. Lu. I haven't been seeing anyone. In my free hours, I hang out with my male friends for either dinner or a drink," Lance explained hurriedly. 'If I admit the truth, Charles will be pissed, ' he thought nervously.

"Are you sure about that?" Charles countered.

"Of course! I am being completely honest with you. Did someone speak ill of me to you? I swear I would never do anything indecent," Lance defended himself, playing innocent. He was a pretty good actor.

"If you are telling the truth, then why did you terminate your contract with Shining Company?" Charles questioned nonchalantly. As he downed another glass of liquor in one gulp, his angular face turned red.

There was a resolute look in his enchanting eyes.

"Mr. Lu, where did you hear these rumors? I am not stupid enough to stop working with Shining Company. There is a small problem in our contract for the second half of this year, and my employee is working on it. It's my utmost honor to be your partner. How could I terminate the contract with you? I am not an idiot," Lance extricated himself, trying to convince Charles.

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