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   Chapter 1165 What Are You Doing

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"Let's go to that corner and wait. We will be discovered if we continue to stay here," Holley said, changing the subject instantly.

"Okay," Rachel agreed without a second thought. She trusted in Holley. She was convinced that she could achieve her goal more easily with her sidekick's support.

Half an hour later, Charles arrived at Lavender Bar and Lance was waiting for him at the entrance. Lance owned the bar; he wanted to show his hospitality to the very important guest.

The instant Charles' car stopped, Lance strode towards it and opened the door for his distinguished guest. "Mr. Lu, I highly appreciated your presence at my humble place. Welcome to Lavender Bar," Lance said in a flattering tone.

"Thank you, Mr. Zhan. I'm only here to have some fun. I hope you didn't go into too much trouble for my sake," Charles said. There was no aggression or arrogance in his tone.

"Mr. Lu, you are just being modest. If you wanted to relax yourself, you could go anywhere in the world. But you chose Lavender Bar. I'm humbled by your trust and hence I can't fail you," Lance beamed.

"You do know how to please people, Mr. Zhan," Charles replied, laughing loudly. Lance's charming words lightened his mood.

"I'm glad you are pleased," Lance said with a wide smile. "Oh! I apologize, Mr. Lu. I should have invited you inside. Please, come this way. We can have a drink."

"Oh, sure," Charles replied with a faint smile before stepping into the bar with Lance.

"Ms. Bai, isn't that Mr. Lu?" Holley whispered to her boss as she spotted two figures at the entrance of the bar.

"Yes, that's him. Now, I can sit back and watch this interesting show," Rachel said with a smirk. She was confident that her plan would work this time around.

She intended to seize this opportunity to create a misunderstanding between Sheryl and Charles and make them turn against each other.

Her fina

Bai. I could continue to work with Shining Company even if you desert me." It was evident that he was miffed by Rachel's threat.

"Do you think Mr. Lu would want to work with you if he knew what was going on between us? If you lose both Tarsan Corporation and Shining Company as partners, how will you manage your company? You really think that your company could survive alone?" Holley typed on Rachel's phone and sent it. Rachel was slightly uneasy after Holley had sent the message.

"Do you really think this is going to work, Holley? What if he gets offended and refuses to meet us again? What would we do?" Rachel asked as she looked at the message Holley had sent.

"Don't worry, Ms. Bai. If we didn't do this right now, he would never agree to do you this favor. Even if he gets mad at you, it doesn't matter. When you meet him next time, you can apologize to him. You do know how to please a man, don't you?" Holley asked, as she assured the rattled woman. Rachel was not an innocent little girl. She knew what Holley was implying.

"As long as Mr. Zhan does what we ask of him without making any mistakes, Mr. Lu will not suspect that he works with us. If Mr. Zhan is not stupid, he will do us this favor," Holley said, with a calculated look in her eyes.

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