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   Chapter 1164 It's A Good Thing

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Rachel was still very reluctant when she came out of the private booth. She complained, "I have cared for Charles for all these years, but what about him? He cannot even tolerate my existence in the same room as him."

"Don't worry, Ms. Bai. We need to be patient. Everything depends on how we handle the situation. Everything is on the road. As long as we don't give up, we will be able to walk on the side of victory!" encouraged Holley. Holley was annoyed, but couldn't show it on her face. She had lost heart amid all this negative results. But if she was discouraged, Rachel might lose her confidence completely.

"That's easy to say. I want to be able to reach the side of victory smoothly. Holley, do you know how much I like Charles, even after so many years? I've met so many men in my life, and whenever I am in a pickle, the first person who comes to my mind is still Charles."

Rachel hardly ever spoke about herself to other people, and she didn't know why she was opening up to Holley all of a sudden. She wanted to let it all out of her chest; otherwise she felt like she might choke to death.

"I know that feeling, how it is to always have someone on your mind unwillingly," Holley said. She could understand Rachel's pain.

After all, Holley was deeply hurt by that same feeling.

Rachel didn't know if her sorrowful feeling was born out of losing a perfect man like Charles, or because Sheryl's dreams were being fulfilled one after the other.

But no matter what it was, she wasn't reconciled and wanted to avenge herself, especially after once again witnessing Sheryl's happiness and experiencing her own downfall.

"Holley, I am really glad that I have you beside me. I don't know what I would have done without you," Rachel said gratefully. She knew that she wouldn't have gotten this far without Holley's advice.

But even with her assistance

n her happiness all day, to witness how lucky she is all the time? I can't imagine why you would think that this is a good thing." Nothing good ever happened to her when Sheryl was around. Holley's words were completely unexpected.

It was totally out of the blue! And confusing!

"Ms. Bai, I assure you that when I tell you my plan, you will know exactly whose misfortune it is that we met Sheryl here," said Holley, laughing evilly. She looked at the time on her watch and said, "I believe Mr. Lu would be here soon enough. When he comes, the play would begin."

"And..." Rachel started to say, looking completely lost.

Holley pulled Rachel towards the other side and said, "Let's get away from here for now. I will tell you my plan after that."

Rachel smiled, "Holley, you really are amazing."

"Ms. Bai, you flatter me. As long as my plans work out well for you, I am happy." Holley hid her real emotions well and put on her fake smile.

"Holley, as long as you help me get together with Charles, I will never forget you." Rachel felt so grateful for Holley's assistance. And anyway, whoever could help her get married to Charles was her benefactor.

Holley just smiled and acted coy. Rachel could never see through her false mask.

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