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   Chapter 1163 I Will Side With You

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"What? You got a problem with that?" Charles asked sharply, glaring at David. He had been in low spirits, and his assistant's stare made him feel uneasy. As a result, he was slightly irritated.

"I have no problem, Mr. Lu. I was just wondering one thing. Lance is always the one who asks to visit you. But you've asked me to contact him and inquire about his schedule. What if he belittles you?" David explained hurriedly. That was his concern.

"That doesn't matter. I wanted to figure out his attitude towards Shining Company," Charles blurted out his thought. His purpose for this meeting was to figure out Lance's plan.

He wasn't certain how much the influence of Rachel's bribery had on Silver Corporation's president.

"Yes, Mr. Lu, I will make the call now," David obeyed with a nod. Taking note of the decisive look on Charles' face, he didn't think it was a good idea to continue to question his decision. He hurried out of the office, returned to his seat and called up Lance.

In a blink, David showed up in Charles' office again. "Mr. Lu, I just called him," he reported.

"What did he say?" the boss asked.

"He said that he was flattered and could meet you anytime. He also said that you didn't need to come to him in person. He will be in your office at any time once you give him a call," David replied loudly.

Evidently he was quite satisfied with Lance's reply. "Mr. Lu, how about I call him and ask him to come over?" he suggested.

"No need. Ask him where he is. I will come to him," Charles answered after thinking for a second.

"Yes, boss," David returned.

"Wait," Charles called as his assistant turned around and walked towards the door. "Never mind. I will call up him myself," he corrected.

"Yes, boss," David responded, though he had no ide

t to leave the bar. After a long pause, she reluctantly nodded in agreement.

Sensing the tension in the air, Holley comforted Rachel, "Please don't get Mr. Zhan into trouble. We'll have ample time to meet with him."

"Miss Ye is right. Be patient, Rachel. We can meet another day," Lance followed. He looked Holley up and down before turning his gaze back to Rachel.

"Mr. Zhan, I'm leaving for your sake. I hope you remember that and trust you will help me when I am in need one day," Rachel said with fake sincerity. Now that she had succumbed to his request, Rachel needed to make Lance feel that he owed her. Otherwise, her efforts would be futile.

"Rest assured, Rachel. I will always side with you. We're good friends and I'll always help you." Lance looked down at his expensive watch and then added, "We're running out of time. We can talk another day. If you don't leave now, you'll run into Mr. Lu and neither of us want that to happen."

"Okay, we're leaving right now. Please enjoy yourselves," Rachel nodded at Lance and started to make her way to the door. 'It's okay, ' she thought to herself. 'I'll have plenty of opportunities to get him on my side. No need to rush!'

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