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   Chapter 1161 Nancy's Condition

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After taking their sweet time together, Charles and Sheryl tightly threw themselves into each other's arms, feeling the warmth and love from each other's embrace. Soon, they were off to a deep sleep.

That night, Sheryl had slept really well, and undoubtedly Charles did also. However, as soon as the rising sun cast a golden glow into the room through the glass window, they both had no choice but to get up and strive for their own busy life, even though neither of them wanted to get up yet.

Sheryl's night was so wonderful, and it was the complete opposite of her morning as she drastically overhauled Cloud Advertising Company by changing her customers and employees.

She had an extremely busy day ahead of her from trying to get familiar to her new clients to training and showing her newly hired employees their applied jobs. The company hadn't been this busy for a long time now.

Sheryl knew that many of her new clients came to cooperate and coordinate with her company due to her reliability and as well as Charles' reputation. Knowing Sheryl's connection with the big time chief executive officer, no one dared to stir up any trouble. Moreover, as long as the plans could satisfy them and their career, they were willing to ignore the tiny problems the new employees were causing.

However, Sheryl was the boss, and she always sought for perfection. Even though her customers gave a blind eye on these small details, she wouldn't let these problems go no matter how small they were. She would comfort her customers as well as teach and guide her employees on how to optimize their plans and resolve these tiny details until there wasn't any problem to solve anymore.

As this teaching-by-doing technique went on for a long time, all the new staff finally got familiar with their work, and the number of problems were lessening each day as they were all able to handle their jobs smoothly.

Sheryl finally found a spare time on her day to lean back on her chair for a moment to close her eyes and take a breath. Moments later, a knock came at her door and coming in was Isla with a folder in her hand. Sheryl opened her eyes and sat up straight, looking at Isla, who had a bright smile on her face. She walked in closer to Sheryl's desk and handed her the folder. "Sher, this is the financial report for the last order. Please, make a confirmation."

"Okay, let me check," Sheryl replied as she took the report. Isla sat back on the chair in front of Sheryl's desk as Sheryl looked over the report. Seeing how her company got back on its feet and right on track placed Sheryl in a good mood these days.

As Isla watched Sheryl's eyes beam with delight, she broke the silence and offered, "Sher, shall we celebrate and relax tonight? We deserve it."

Sheryl's smile faded as she glanced back at Isla with confusion. "Celebrate? For what? Isn't it normal for our company to make money?" She looked at Isla, thinking that there was no need for a special celebration.

Isla chuckled at Sheryl's innocence, and in an excited and chirpy voice, she asked, "Do you really think

id, "Don't worry, Sher. We can come to the hospital and check on Nancy right now."

Sheryl sighed once more. "I know. After all, the least I can do now is to visit her." If she could think of any way to wake up Nancy from her coma, then she would have carried it out at once. But that was the problem—the medical professionals couldn't do anything about Nancy's condition, more so for her.

All she could do right now was to wait.

Wait and pray to God for a positive result.

As she was lost in thought, her phone suddenly rang, bringing her back to reality. The caller was an unregistered number. "This is Sheryl speaking. Who is this?" she answered.

Isla watched as Sheryl nodded and then her face lit up with a smile. "Oh, really? That's great! We will come right now! Thank you!" Sheryl exclaimed in a tone laced with excitement and turned to Isla with a smile as soon as she hung up the call.

She was so happy that she lost her words.

"Sher, who was it? What happened?" Isla asked in confusion.

Sheryl couldn't help but blurt out immediately what she heard on the phone. "Isla, it was the nurse from the hospital. She informed me that Nancy had woken up an hour ago. She recovered from her coma!"

She felt so exhilirated hearing this piece of good news. It meant that Nancy was okay now, and as long as her body would start to regain its health, they wouldn't have to feel so guilty anymore.

"That is really great news! We should head there right now!" Seeing Sheryl with a glimmer of joy and worry-free, Isla, too, started to feel genuinely happy for Sheryl.

Sheryl stood from her seat and answered with the side of her lips raised in a grin, "Let's go!" Before they headed to the hospital, they decided to stop by the supermarket to buy a fruit basket for Nancy.

When they arrived at the ward, full of smiles, they found Nancy, sitting on the bed and eating the hot congee. She lifted her head towards the door and saw Sheryl standing at the open door. Nancy's eyes widened in surprise and she asked, "Sher, why are you here?"

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