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   Chapter 1160 More And More Beautiful

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"Oh, Mom. You were not resting well these days, so you should have a good rest, or else, I'll be worried and guilty if you become really tired and ill," Charles said with a weak pout on his face.

Melissa smiled as her heart felt warmth and moved by her son's care. She looked at Charles with eyes full of love. Seeing this, Charles, too, was also very moved by his mother's love.

After all, they had been separated for more than ten years. No matter where they were, what they did, or who they were with in those years, it was still undeniable that they had missed that much time to make great memories together.

It was for this reason that after reuniting once again, they always felt that there was still a gap between the haze.

There was so many things that Charles wanted to talk about with Melissa, but he didn't know how to express himself. The same way Melissa didn't know how to express her love for her son.

However, there was no doubt that they were using their own ways, big or small, to make each other live a better life.

Especially Melissa. She didn't care about how terrible her way would be as long as she did the things that were deemed right for her.

And she would do her best to achieve these right things.

"Oh, dear Charles, you must be tired these days as well. I know that you must have done a great deal with Sher's situation. Go have some rest yourself, and don't exhaust yourself too much. Also, don't worry about me. I'm fine. I have been so idle all day that I am not anywhere near tired at all."

Charles smiled after hearing her words, and then he suddenly remembered her request before. "By the way, Mom, please, just wait for another two days. I will make sure to get Leila out."

"Son, I'm so glad that you still remember my little request. However, I honestly just said that without thinking. You don't need to pay much attention to that. If this situation is easy to solve, that's good news. But if not, then don't force yourself. Besides, she made a mistake regardless of her reasons to do it. She got herself into jail, and I know it's not easy for us to help her."

Deep inside, Melissa had purposely pretended to be oblivious of anything, as if she did not know who had sent Leila to prison.

Since Melissa didn't know that, Charles would not tell her that it was he that had sent Leila to prison. "I know what I'm doing, Mom, and I won't do anything illegal. Don't worry too much about me."

Melissa replied with a smil

dy, as if he was playing an extremely priceless and treasured piece of art.

He was handling her as if he was afraid that any reckless movement would scar this perfection in front of him.

"Sher, do you know?" Charles spoked as he cupped Sheryl's cheeks, making Sheryl open her eyes to look at him. "I love both you and your body very much. You're mine and only mine forever, do you hear me?" Before Sheryl could respond, Charles greedily kissed her with pure affection surging through his heart.

This atmosphere between them increased Sheryl's lust and desire, and as Charles pulled away to kiss her neck, she asked, "What about you? Will you be mine and only mine for the rest of our lives?"

Without hesitation, Charles looked at her straight into her eyes and replied, "Of course. Unless you personally hand me over to others, in this life, I only belong to you alone until the day of my last breath."

Sheryl felt like fireworks had just exploded inside of her, making her initiate another kiss. Charles took this as cue and started to pull her towards the bed, letting the towel fall off the floor. As this two savored this night together, they were wrong to ignore an important premise that what Charles had said just now was, as long as Sheryl didn't hand Charles over to others, they would be together.

What did that mean?

If Sheryl really intended to give up and hand Charles over to others, did it mean that Charles would accept it without a fight?

There were some problems that had no resolutions, and if these things weren't noticed by both parties involved at all, then as a watcher, these things were to be ignored as well.

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