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   Chapter 1157 No Drinking

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Now that Rachel had become the CEO of the Tarsan Corporation, Dustin thought he would never have a chance to get close to her. Unexpectedly, he got a call from her earlier that afternoon. More so, they also engaged in chatting, the content of which was quite seductive to him.

His mind started racing, not only for Rachel's beauty but also for the Tarsan Corporation.

He thought it was the God that was willing to help him to strive for further improvement in his career.

"Mr. Zhang, you are too kind. With you being our senior, we should learn from you," Rachel said, blushing. "May I excuse myself? I will just have a look over there."

"No problem. We'll hang out some other day," he smirked. Dustin's eyes lingered on Rachel, and not until she was about to leave did he reluctantly retract his gaze.

"Sure. I just came back to Y City. It has changed a lot, and I feel like I have a lot to ask about. Please don't feel annoyed if I do," Rachel smiled. She was so charming and lovely, Dustin could not help swallowing hard as he stared at her.

"Sure! Sure," Dustin responded unwittingly.

"Well, I have to go now. See you around," Rachel said grinning. Then she went over to the man who had just entered the room with Holley.

"Rachel, what kind of person Dustin is? Do you know him well? Look at the way he looks at you!" In all honesty, Holley disdained horny old men. But she would not say no to them if she needed something.

"Don't judge him based on his appearance. His business is also an empire in Y City, just quite like the Shining Company. So forget about his look." Rachel was helpless. Thinking about her own purpose, she chose not to care so much about it.

"What about the one who just came in? Who is he?" Holley candidly inquired. She was not familiar with all these businessmen.

"That is Lance from S

ng area.

Soon after, he occupied the host's seat.

"Mr. Lu, we dare not to take seats without you. We would rather wait for you," someone flattered.

"All right! Don't be so reserved. Let's take our seats. It's just a simple meal for us. It's no big deal." Polite as Charles was, his face exuded coldness.

The atmosphere was way more uncomfortable because of him.

Lance was apparently not afraid to say his piece. "Since Mr. Lu is here, let us all be seated. Mr. Lu is quite busy. Let us get started. We will finish dinner in no time so that Mr. Lu can go home early and have a rest."

The guests slowly settled themselves after they heard Lance's words.

"Waiter, please serve the dishes. Hurry up." Holley said to a waiter who stood nearby her.

"Okay. The dishes will be served soon," the waiter nodded respectfully and ran outside.

"Mr. Lu, please let me propose a toast to you," Lance stated. He was trying to ease the atmosphere.

"I cannot drink today." Unexpectedly, he was rejected outright by Charles.

"Well... Since Mr. Lu cannot drink wine today, how about tea? This is Longjing tea. Please have a taste?" Lance was a little bit embarrassed. Obviously, he could not force Charles to drink.

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