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   Chapter 1156 Holley's Suggestion

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Rachel's most competent subordinate was in jail. If all the companies in Y City isolated Tarsan Corporation, it would be impossible for the latter to survive here.

It didn't mean Tarsan Corporation would go bankrupt. After all, she could shift her business back abroad. But if Rachel were to do this, she would never have the chance to get back with Charles again.

She had made great efforts to extend her business to Y City for Charles and had no intention of leaving without getting him back.

"Ms. Bai, you think too much. Although Tarsan Corporation is new here, it is still a big foreign-owned company and it has earned great reputation over the years. What are you afraid of? You are a woman and you can make use of this advantage," Holley suggested, her eyes turning icy and firm. She was serious about her words

and confident that Rachel would listen to her advice.

"What do you mean by that?" Rachel asked, narrowing her eyes at the woman. She did not understand why Holley was insisting that she accept Charles' invitation.

"Here's the thing. Ms. Bai, you're a woman and you're attractive. You were also a famous star in Y City. I also think I'm good looking. If we form a team together, I don't think it will be difficult to take Charles' clients from him," Holley replied candidly. 'If I'm to get what I want, I have no other choice but to work with Rachel to deal with Charles, ' Holley thought to herself.

Rachel got to know Holley's plan.

It hadn't crossed her mind that Holley hated Sheryl so much that she was willing to be taken advantage of to get back at her sister.

However, Holley's revenge wasn't Rachel's business. She went along with Holley and didn't mind executing her plan. 'She is right. In the business world dominated by men, women have an advantage. Once I satisfy their needs, I can get what I want. When Tarsan Corpor

tion, he would no longer need to bow down to Charles.

As a result, everyone who had answered Rachel's call had already started to map out this exact plan.

However, none of the men had the guts to reveal their anterior motives to Rachel, at least not over the phone.

Rachel arrived to the rendezvous with Holley just as the dinner started. When she saw a man, she introduced him to Holley, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Zhang. This is is our new manager, Miss Ye."

She was still very good at socializing. After all, she had been in the show business for over several years and had been to many similar events.

"I'm flattered, Ms. Bai. This lady must be very good at her job. Otherwise, she wouldn't be working for you. I shall learn from you and Miss Ye," Dustin Zhang responded with a beaming smile. He was a cunning, lecherous man in his fifties. Since Rachel had initiated the conversation, he had not taken his eyes off her bosom.

When Rachel had been a star, he had a crush on her. But Charles was her boyfriend back then, so he didn't dare to approach her. Later, Rachel had gotten married to Charles uncle. And then she had gone abroad.

Even after all these years, Dustin Zhang still felt his heart race up at the sight of her.

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