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   Chapter 1155 A Party Under Critical Circumstances

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6547

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'All I really want is a stable and peaceful life. Why is it so hard for me to achieve?

If the hardship at the beginning of our marriage was a kind of chastening experience, what about now?

Why won't God just let me be? Even after I changed my name, God still keeps tormenting me. Have I really done something wrong?' Sheryl fell into deep thoughts.

"Don't try to speak to me in a pitiful tone. I'm not my son. I won't be captivated by your charming words!" Melissa cried out. She was hysterical, resentful and helpless.

"Yes, Mom. Since you are already aware that your son is captivated by me, I think it would be better for you to treat me appropriately. Be careful, or else I might end up speaking ill of you during a leisurely pillow talk. He will hate your guts forever." Sheryl did not mean any of that. It was temporary anger. She was trying to frighten Melissa into submission so that she wouldn't try anymore tricks on her.

She could not stand how domineering Melissa was. If everything worked out fine because of a little blackmailing, then this was the best way to see it through.

"Sheryl, you are more vicious than I thought. Previously, I thought that you were just a bitch who was good at disguising yourself, but you are far more than that. I never expected that you would blackmail me into listening to you!" Melissa shouted.

She was afraid now. After all, she was aware of the position Sheryl had in her son's heart. She knew that if Sheryl really wanted to get rid of her, she could just easily poison Charles' mind against her. And her son would alienate her!

She thought back to what had happened last time when her son insisted on moving out of Dream Garden. She was well aware that that was Sheryl's intention.

The truth was that her son would follow Sheryl to the ends of the world, and it terrified Melissa.

Raising her head, she checked the calendar behind the clock. Melissa calmed down and she felt more at e

d Sheryl more than ever at that moment.

'We were given birth by the same person. Why does everything always go so smoothly for Sheryl? Why did she get the best of everything? Why?' Holley couldn't accept the cruel fate.

Even when Sheryl was on the horns of dilemma, Charles helped her extricate herself from the difficult situation by turning the crappy leads into good evidence. He turned things around for her.

'Why?!' she screamed inside.

"But if I go, Charles will definitely corner me. He might even deal a heavy blow to Tarsan Corporation with his power. What should I do?" Rachel whined. Just a moment ago, she was so arrogant. Now she was seeking advice from Holley again.

"Ms. Bai, it's not as bad as you think. Even though Charles knows what happened, he has no proof that you had anything to do with the incident," Holley comforted her, calmly.

"Never mind about the evidence! He knows everything! He can easily have all the businesses in Y City isolate Tarsan Corporation with a single word. We'll incur huge losses if that happens!"

Tarsan Corporation was Rachel's last card. Duncan could have helped her deal with the business if he was still around. Rachel had no experience in managing a company.

The former CEO, her husband, was dead, and she then became the CEO.

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