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   Chapter 1154 Sheryl's Exploded Hysteria

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 8012

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Agreeing to pick Melissa up was probably one of the worst things Sheryl could have agreed upon. She had no choice. Charles asked her nicely, so declining was not an option.

It didn't matter anymore what Melissa thought. Sheryl knew that what she did was the right thing, and her conscience was clear while doing it. She wasn't in the mood to either think about it or to resolve the issues between them.

Sheryl keyed in the location provided by Charles onto her GPS and made her way to the hotel where Melissa was staying. Arriving at the hotel, she couldn't help but notice how wonderful the scenery was. The neatly cut grass lined along the driveway. There were tall red and white roses next to a beautiful water fountain. Its water was splashing majestically as each drop made its way along its tiers and back to the water basin. Making her way into the hotel, she spotted the most elegant hanging chandeliers. They were covered in crystals and sparkled in every direction. Sheryl headed straight to the concierge to inquire, and a few minutes later, a friendly hotel staff led her to Melissa's room.

As soon as she arrived in front of the room's door, Sheryl heard Melissa talking to someone over the phone. She couldn't quite make out what Melissa was saying, but she had an overwhelming feeling that it was bad.

She shook her head in an attempt to remove the bizarre thoughts that were consuming her mind. She reassured herself that she was just overthinking and that everything would be fine.

The hotel staff smiled at Sheryl and gently knocked on the door.

An irritable and impatient voice came from inside. "Who is there?"

The staff answered respectively, "Sorry for the intrusion, ma'am. There is a lady named Sheryl here. She said she had come to pick you up."

Hearing the visitor was Sheryl, Melissa hardened her expression. It took a long time before she replied nonchalantly, "The door's left unlocked. Just let her come in."

Sheryl nodded her head toward the staff to express her gratitude. The staff was slightly surprised by Sheryl's attitude and responded by making a deep bow before she left. Sheryl heaved a deep sigh before she slowly twisted the handle and opened the door.

"Mom, Charles asked me to pick you up." Sheryl put on a soft smile as she went inside the room. She tried to hide her uneasiness.

Although she knew that everything was useless

ith rage that had been simmering all this time.

She even felt no regrets after she blurted out her hysterical anger.

"Sheryl, what did you say? Dare you say it again?" Melissa raised her voice louder in disbelief. Maybe Melissa had never expected that there was a crazy and evil woman hidden inside Sheryl.

With this being said, she felt that it will be better if she could keep Sheryl away from her son, since it would bring devastating harms to him in the end.

Maybe someday in the future, this woman would end up framing her son or even get him trapped in perdition.

No, she must not allow these kind of things to happen, Melissa thought.

"Are you voicing out your true thoughts? In your mind, you feel confident that Charles won't let anything bad happen to you. So that's why you get more and more unscrupulous and arrogant?" Melissa interrogated her in an angry voice.

"It seems that you have already made your conclusion on what kind of person I am, so you can just take it as true. I won't even try to change your mind. You wouldn't believe me anyway, no matter how I explain to you!" Sheryl shook her head as she replied in a fit of petulance. If Melissa insisted on misinterpreting her words like this, she'd rather keep her peace.

"Maybe you really can't find an excuse to defend yourself now since your true colors are exposed!"

"Fine. Just as you say, there's no point in coming up with defensive excuses since my true colors are exposed. Are you satisfied now? It's all my fault, okay?" Sheryl didn't want to hold her temple and have any scruples any more.

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