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   Chapter 1152 Breaking News

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Looking around, Sheryl immediately felt like she was on a deserted island, and she happened to be the ruler of it.

Although she had the whole island all by herself, she felt like sooner or later, she would starve to death, because there was nothing to eat.

Sheryl heaved a deep sigh, and in a determined but still reluctant voice, she said, "This is not a big deal. We can always start over."

Then again, even with that optimism, she wasn't in a better situation than a king of an uninhabited island. All of her employees had quit, except Isla.

Meanwhile, Isla didn't know how to comfort Sheryl. This was, in fact, a devastating situation. As she was scrolling on her phone, a piece of news suddenly caught her attention. "Wait, Sher! Look at this!" she screamed in surprise, making Sheryl's heart skip a beat. Sheryl leaned over.

A high, modulated voice could be heard from the video as the host announced, "Breaking news! We all know about Sheryl Xia cheating on her husband, the CEO of Shining Company. But our journalists have gathered another revelation.

No need for more details. Roll video!"

Immediately, the security videos that Charles had copied started playing on the screen. Sheryl and Isla watched as Duncan and the two kids kidnapped appeared on the video. The kidnapper then got his phone to dial Sheryl and called her. His voice was clearly heard in the security footage. He threatened Sheryl to admit that she had an affair, and that she was the woman in the naked photos.

Following the security footage were the evidences that Charles had intended to show at the press conference.

The proof stated that those naked pictures had been processed, and the security videos had clear images and sound, enough to disapprove what had been previously assumed.

At this point, anyone who saw the news would understand that Sheryl had been, indeed, framed.

Her eyes still glued on the screen as the host summarized and concluded the problem, Isla beamed and exclaimed, "Look, Sher! It's about you! Everyone will know that you are innocent, and your problems now are resolved." With happy tears built up in her eyes, Isla then turned to Sheryl with a smile.

"Let me have a look," Sheryl replied. Instead of a smile on her face, a confused expression plastered on it as she took the phone from Isla. She never thought that Charles would be able to find those security videos overnight. Moreover, she didn't expect that he would contact all the television networks to release them and prove her innocence in such a short time.

Isla interrupted her train of thought when she spoke again and suggested that she look at the comments below the video post. Previously, when the

ews had spread quickly like wildfire. In a blink of an eye, those staff, who were about to finish their resignation procedures, immediately swarmed to Sheryl's office like bees.

Sheryl looked at all of them, while Isla looked at them in disgust and contempt. "What are you all doing here? There is no need to say goodbye. Just leave as soon as you finish your procedures," Isla quipped, rolling her eyes at them. Her anger started to come back as she knew why they came here in the first place.

'They decided to resign earlier, and there is no way we will accept them again,' Isla thought.

She and Sheryl would rather hire inexperienced but dedicated and loyal employees than let these irresponsible people continue to work here.

With an embarrassed look on his face, one employee immediately spoke. "I was wrong, Ms. Xia. I want to continue to work here. My wife just called me from the hospital, and she said that her doctor told her that she would recover soon. She asked me to focus on my work, and that she could still take care of our children."

Another spoke clearly in desperation. "Ms. Xia, I was mistaken. The vacant position in a government unit that my parents had gotten me with some connections has been taken already, so I can't go there anymore. I want to stay here..."

Isla's anger just continued to rise inside of her as she heard these desperate and shameless excuses. A few minutes ago, they all had been eager to quit their jobs, and now they were to thick to use all kinds of excuses possible just to keep their jobs here.

In short, they were all snobs. After the rumors on their boss got the company in trouble, they all intended to leave, but now that Sheryl's name had been cleared, they were desperate to stay. For sure, the company was not going to let this slide.

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