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   Chapter 1150 You Will Be The Next One

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Once the image was tarnished, it took a long time to subside the ripple effect it had on business, clients, relationships, and life as a whole. Isla had been dealing with this both inside and outside the office ever since the debacle took place at the wine party. This morning was no different. The woman said to Isla, "Isla, we all know that you have a good relationship with Ms. Xia, but you have to learn to think about your own good. We really appreciate your unflinching support towards Ms. Xia. But after what happened, it is extremely embarrassing to stay with her. Even Ms. Xia would be ashamed of herself throughout her life. It is not an intelligent thing to move on for your own betterment, is it?"

Isla preferred silence than an argument in this case. It had been quite some time that she had been dealing with this now. She had been addressing the employees time and again, counseling them to have faith in Sheryl. But what she encountered every time was some argument or advice for her to stay away from Sheryl.

The woman stopped for a while and then added, "Isla, even if you don't think about yourself, you should think about your daughter Amanda. She is still a girl. If you continue to support and be with Sheryl, Amanda will be laughed at by her classmates. You never know what repercussions that may have on her tender mind." Isla just passed a quick glance at her and heaved a sigh, speaking nothing at all.

Isla's silence gave the women more courage to speak. She thought Isla was paying attention to her words. As she found Isla submerged in her thoughts, a sly smile appeared on her face. Thinking it to be the right time, she placed the trump card very slowly and tactfully. After remaining quiet for a moment or two, she said, "Isla, let me share the good news with you. The boss of the new company that I have joined said that he would double your annual salary if you agreed to join them! And he also said..."

Before she could finish her words, a tight slap landed on her cheek.


The sound was very crisp and loud, reverberating through the office, astounding not only that woman but each and every employee. After this slap, the bustling office gradually became quiet.

"Now I understand, Ellie Sun. This is your current job. Your new boss asked you to join back to our company and poach me! This is what your prime KRA looks like in your new job. Am I right?" Isla narrowed her eyes to focus her gaze on Ellie Sun as if she would burn her into ashes if she could with her gaze.

"Isla... Isla, I was only speaking for your own good!" Ellie Sun braved Isla's wrath after overcoming the initial shock. This kind of a volatile reaction was the last thing that she had expected from Isla who was otherwise known to be an extremely considerate manager. She could not understand what she had done to make her become so vicious towards her.

Ellie Sun looked back at Isla with a flabberg

elt it futile to share her opinion with her. If Ellie Sun really wanted to quit her job, just let her do that.

Sheryl had said that nothing forcibly done was going to be agreeable in this company. Now Isla thought Sheryl was right. Even if now they were forced to stay in Cloud Advertising Company at the moment, they would not put their complete dedication towards their work.

"Okay, I just don't want to stay this company anymore! I'll leave right now! Isla Zhao, wait and see. Let's see whether you have a promising future in Cloud Advertising Company, or I achieve prosperity in my new company!" Ellie Sun glanced at Isla with a glare, and then walked towards the door, without looking back.

At the same time, Sheryl was standing outside the door, listening to the entire conversation between Isla and Ellie Sun.

The moment when the door was pushed open, Ellie Sun came face to face with Sheryl. They stared at each other for a moment, and then Sheryl moved aside making way for Ellie Sun to leave. Sheryl's face was calm without a single trace of remorse or regret.

Ellie Sun was startled to see Sheryl and felt a little awkward. She cast a glance at Sheryl, turned her face and left as quickly as she could.

Isla stared at Sheryl with astonishment.

"Sher, when did you come here?" Isla didn't expect Sheryl would appear in the company at this time. She was rather startled to find her in the office. She thought that there was such a serious event just the day before, Sheryl would have stayed at home for a while!

"Since whatever had to happen has happened already, I can't always hide myself at home. It's so boring." Sheryl looked at Isla with a pleasant smile and said, "Isla, thank you."

Sheryl's spoke right from the core of her heart. She was really sincerely grateful to Isla. After all, had it not been for Isla, Sheryl couldn't have imagined what kind of a mess Cloud Advertising Company could have been right now.

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