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   Chapter 1148 What If Duncan Rats On Us

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When the director of the hospital received Charles' call, he accepted his request immediately in a humble tone. It only took him a few minutes to come to Nancy's ward. "Mr. Lu, you didn't have to come here for such a trifle matter. I would have arranged everything for Nancy if you had just called me earlier," he addressed with a flattering smile.

He wasted no time trying to suck up to Charles.

"I asked you to prepare a better ward. Is it ready?" Charles cut to the chase, oblivious to his flattery.

"Rest assured, Mr. Lu. We have prepared the best VIP ward available and Nancy would be transferred to that room right away. Besides, I have our best medical team on stand by, and they will do a general check-up on her to figure out what had happened to her," the director beamed.

Then he told the medical team outside the ward, "Come in and meet Mr. Lu."

The team entered the ward instantly. With a smile, they bowed to Charles and greeted him in chorus, "Good evening, Mr. Lu."

"If your only focus is on how to please others, then I have serious doubts about the future of your hospital," Charles snapped in a defiant tone. Since some doctors and nurses had spoken ill of Sheryl, he was very upset with the medical workers of the hospital. The longer he looked at them, the more annoying he found them to be.

Charles' statement aroused the director's anxiety. He had no idea what was on the CEO's mind. If they ended up offending him, he knew that it would be a disaster for his hospital.

"What are you waiting for? Transfer the patient to the VIP ward!" Charles shouted at the confused medical team.

"Yes! Transfer the patient immediately. Hurry up!" the director urged, gesturing to his employees to take quick action.

"Yes, Sir," they nodded as they approached Nancy's bed.

A few minutes later, Nancy had been transferred to the VIP room. After she had received a full check-up, Charles took Sheryl and the children back home. Before leaving, he gave Ben a sum of money which was more than enough for him to pay off his mortgage and lead a

police station. Although they had a very short meeting, she had made herself pretty clear to him.

As long as Duncan kept his mouth shut about their involvement, she agreed to let Duncan enjoy retirement benefits like the other staff at Tarsan Corporation. She also promised him that she would let his son, who hadn't even passed his college, work at the headquarters of Tarsan Corporation while he was in prison.

Duncan had tried to help his son several times. His son was not only a loser in his educational qualifications, but also in his career. Duncan had used some of his connections to get him jobs in several companies, but he never worked anywhere for long. Either he hadn't liked his jobs and quit or he had gotten fired for his poor performance and negative attitude.

Duncan was worried about his son's future, but he couldn't do anything about it. When he had a talk with his son earlier, he had told him that he wanted to work in Tarsan Corporation.

Although Duncan was a manager in Tarsan Corporation at the time, he was still Rachel's employee. Besides, Rachel had specifically declared that only well-educated, competent people had access to her company.

Considering his son's educational background, Rachel would never have allowed his son to work in her company. She hated it when her employees sought private gain through their position in her company.

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