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   Chapter 1147 Is Hospital A Place For You To Gossip

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Sheryl actually understood that the public would definitely misunderstand and even defame her after she was forced to confess to the porn-photos scandal. But at this point, others' comments and opinions were not important to her at all. The most important thing was that she needed to visit Nancy.

If Nancy had truly gotten severely hurt due to the kidnapping, it would be very bad news.

"Is the hospital a place for you to gossip?" Charles spoke sharply to the people whispering around them. He couldn't bear the thought that someone wanted to slander Sheryl.

Maybe it was Charles's stern tone that scared the gossipers away. Those curious hospital staff immediately returned to focus on their job upon hearing Charles' words.

The patients who were bystanders also walked back to their wards after realizing there was nothing to expect.

"Excuse me, was a patient named Nancy sent here this afternoon? Which ward is she in now?" Charles asked a nurse in a calm voice.

"Nancy? Is she the patient who is still unconscious?" Slightly surprised that the cold president would speak to her, the young nurse checked her files. "Yes,"

Charles nodded. "And which room is she in?"

"Room 302, the one on the corner to your right," the nurse replied after checking the patient record. She felt very shy around Charles and could feel herself blushing uncontrollably.

The man standing in front of her was that famous president who was envied by many people. And he was talking to her of all people!

His wife had cheated on him and confessed to her affair at the live press conference. And now he was here talking to her. How lucky she was! Maybe if she performed well, he would notice her and maybe even fall in love with her.

If this happened, it would no doubt be the peak of her life.

"Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? They've already left," another nurse said, bringing her back to reality.

Shaking her head quickly to get her senses back, the nurse looked around hoping to spot Charles. To her surprise, she found that he was holding his wife's hand as they walked together toward the ward.

Merely judging from their backs, one could tell how much this cold pr

for Nancy," Charles promised faintly.

This was wonderful news to Ben Jin. After all, Nancy was in coma and no one knew when she would wake up. He didn't know how much money he had to pay for Nancy's medical treatment. To be honest, his family was not rich and wouldn't come close to being able to afford the pricey medical bills. His house had been bought with a bank loan, so he had to pay the monthly mortgage. And he had to pay his kid's tuition fees…

But this was life and life was often difficult. There was nothing that people like him could really do about it.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Lu. Thank you." Ben Jin expressed his gratitude profusely and heaved a deep sigh of relief. As long as Charles was willing to pay the medical bills, he could keep his head above water.

"You're welcome, Ben. It is we who should apologize to you. I am so sorry that Nancy got injured while working at Dream Garden," Charles responded apologetically.

"No, no, no. Mr. Lu, you don't need to apologize to me. As long as you are willing to pay…" His voice trailed off. He was about to say that as long as Charles was willing to pay the bills, he had already done him a huge favor. But before the words escaped his mouth, he hesitated, feeling slightly ashamed to admit this.

Charles naturally knew what he was going to say and also understood his embarrassment. But he pretended not to know and instead took his phone out to call the director of the hospital.

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