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   Chapter 1146 A Hospital Visit

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"Did you find anything unusual when you got home?" Charles asked cautiously.

"Well, the living room was in a complete mess when I got home. The kids were gone, but their toys were all over the place. No one had taken care of the mess. I got a little curious as to what Nancy was doing at the time." Gary knew nothing about the kidnapping, so he couldn't have known what had happened to Nancy. Seeing the mess, he was a little angry and irritated by Nancy's irresponsibility.

But Nancy was known to be a very hardworking servant. Usually, she would never leave a room messy, with so many toys lying around everywhere. It was worrying as to why she had just left without putting them away.

"That's okay, Grandpa. I will give her a call. She probably had something urgent to deal with." Charles didn't want Gary to know anything about the kidnapping. He was too old to bear such horrifying news.

"Yes, you should ask her why she left the house in such a hurry." Gary knew that Nancy would never be this careless, and that she must have had a reason of some sort.

"I will, Grandpa. You don't have to be worried about this. We are retiring to our bedroom," Charles said with a warm smile, when he saw the concern on Gary's face.

"Okay, go ahead."

They quickly went to the bedroom and closed the door. As soon as they were inside, Clark couldn't help but ask, "Dad, is Nancy okay? I am a little worried about her. I feel that something terrible might have happened to her."

"Clark, when you were kidnapped in the morning, were you both home or outdoors?" Charles asked his son. Clark had always struck him as a careful and cautious child. If something had not been right with Nancy, he would have noticed it.

"Shirley and I were playing with toys in the living room, and at that time, several men burst into the house. They brought Nancy to the floor violently and then took us away! Their unexpected arrival shocked us all. When we were being taken, Nancy was lying on the floor. She looked like she was hurt."

He and Shirley had been through so many ups and downs since morning. But he remembered everything so clearly and was eager to tell every little detail to his father.

"So, Nancy was with you when the men barged into the house. Was she shocked to see them as well?" Charles asked, finally getting a clear picture of what had happened to them in the morning.

"I suppose so," Clark said, nodding.

Sheryl quickly reached for her phone and dial

ang in his heart. He crouched down in front of her, patting her head with a smile. He hated that she had to go through such a horrible incident. He felt like he had failed her as a parent.

"Yes, let's go together to see our dear Nancy." Shirley's worried face broke into a smile at his father's words. There was no fear in her face anymore, like the look she had when they were in the underground garage. Shirley was feeling much better since she was now reunited with her parents.

However, Clark didn't look as joyful as his sister. He still looked worried and asked Sheryl, "Mom, is Nancy all right?"

"Of course, she is. We will be seeing her soon. Don't worry." Though Sheryl had no idea how bad Nancy's condition went, she didn't want the kids to worry too much.

When they arrived at the General Hospital, it was already nine o'clock in the evening.

When they spotted Sheryl, the medical staff in the hospital shed their unusual looks on her, which confused Sheryl. Then she heard one of the staff whispering, "Look! Isn't that the Lu family? And the woman there! Isn't she the one who is involved in the scandal? She had an affair with someone."

"Yes, that's her! How could she be so shameless? Mr. Lu is so rich and devoted to her. It's such a disgraceful thing to do to him. She even admitted publicly to her involvement with another man!


Sheryl had never expected that her confession to the reporters would have reached so far. She felt dejected to hear such words from the medical staff. She had intended to be open and honest to the public, but it looked like she had ruined her own reputation by lying on live television!

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