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   Chapter 1145 Listen To Clark

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Sheryl and Charles were aware that Clark was too sensible and intelligent for his age. They never had to worry about Shirley when Clark was around. And Clark never failed to surprise them. Especially during some crisis, the courage and sensitivity that the boy showed every time were commendable. Charles gazed at Clark affectionately as he heard him speak. "Dad, I know why you didn't let me and Shirley go to school and why Grandma wasn't home. I also know what made our workaholic mom avoid going for work and stay with us at home instead," Clark spoke in a very low and polite manner looking up at his father. He had bottled up his observations all these days. Now that he met his parents after being saved from the kidnapper, he thought it was the right time to tell them about how he felt.

"So you knew all of this?" Charles asked, his eyes almost popping out. Sheryl was also taken aback by what her son said. Both of them stared at him with much admiration in their eyes.

"Yes, I knew all of this. At that time, Mommy always looked preoccupied and glum. So I didn't tell you," Clark confirmed and turned his face towards Sheryl.

"To be honest, I don't believe Mommy could ever do something as bad and demeaning as it was shown in the report I saw on my phone. She is so caring towards me, Shirley and you. How could she be like that?" he added. He looked quite miffed with all those false reports.

"So I never even thought of asking Mommy about this. I knew you believed in her. Now that you were willing to believe in her, I didn't see why I can't believe her. I even had faith in you. I had been waiting for you to help Mommy and prove the entire rumour to be false. I thought Mommy could have claimed the fact and proved her innocence. But unexpectedly I and Shirley got kidnapped.

I heard what he asked Mommy to do. So I became all the more clear and confirmed that Mommy had been set up. I knew Mommy was innocent, but I didn't know if others felt the same way. They must be convinced that Mommy was that kind of a bad person as she was described in news!"

"Turns out you knew about this, Clark," Charles remarked stroking his cheeks gently, as he surveyed his son from top to bottom. He wondered how his son could be so intelligent, sensitive and obedient at such a young age.

"Oh, yeah. I came to know about it long before, but I chose to believe Mommy," Clark stressed. Sheryl's heart melted to see the unflinching love and confidence Clark showed towards her. Her eyes welled up with happy tears as she heard him speak.

"But I know that others might not believe Mommy as I do. So I think t

time, the whole family was relaxed. The very mention of home brought a contented smile on their faces. After what happened to Shirley and Clark, home turned to a symbol of security and peace that they longed for.

Charles took the driver's seat, while Sheryl, Clark, and Shirley settled themselves in the back seats. As the car zoomed home-wards, Sheryl held both her kids close and drifted into her thoughts. The four of them had seldom been in a car together in this way.

Charles and Sheryl had been engaged in their work, so they barely took their children out.

As Charles drove into the gates of Dream Garden, he stopped his car in the driveway. The four walked into the house. Suddenly a weird feeling clouded their minds. The kids also became quiet. Charles and Sheryl frowned as they looked at each other. It was not until now that the couple thought of the maid. Nancy was there with the kids at home at the time of the abduction. They became worried about what might have happened to Nancy.

'But where is Nancy? Is she Duncan's compliance or the victim? I have no clue,' Charles pondered.

Gary came down the stairs. Puzzled to see all the four of them coming in together, he asked, "Where have you all been? When I got home, I didn't see anyone of you. Even Nancy was not at home."

"When did you go out today, Grandpa? And when did you come back home?" Charles asked with a baffled look.

"I left home early in the morning and went fishing with my friends. I got home half an hour ago, but I could not see anyone inside," Gary replied candidly. The frown on Charles' and Sheryl's faces became stiffer and their minds were filled with all sorts of conflicting thoughts regarding Nancy. They had to find her by hook or by crook.

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