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   Chapter 1144 What Do You Know

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Duncan treated the whole thing as a mission that he needed to completely, instead of a children kidnapping case.

The police didn't know why he had to kidnap the kids and whether he had accomplices or not.

They could find the answers they were seeking only after investigating the case.

But it wasn't the same for Charles. Although he wasn't a hundred percent sure about the truth behind the kidnapping, he already knew the person behind the curtain.

There was only one other person whose position was higher than Duncan's at Tarsan Corporation. 'Rachel,' he thought, as he gritted his teeth.

If this kidnapping was really planned by Rachel, the reason behind it was obvious. The worse Sheryl's situation was, the happier Rachel would be. She would be delighted to see these miserable things happen to Sheryl.

Seeing her suffering from pain was the only thing Rachel ever wanted.

'It isn't enough for her to just spread lies about Sheryl. She wants her to suffer,' Charles thought to himself.

'And for that, she used our children.' Charles fumed in uncontrollable anger. But he didn't show any of it on his face.

"All right. We will wait till you finish your investigation. We will talk about this further after you have a clear picture about the case," said Charles. Although he had his own assumptions, it was not the right time to ask too many questions. The law had its own way of doing things. He respected the police and decided to let them do everything according to their standard procedures.

"Thank you for your understanding, Mr. Lu. If you hear anything else regarding this incident, please feel free to contact me anytime." The leader gave Charles a standard military salute and commanded his men to move out with Duncan.

"Sher, let's go back home with the kids," Charles said, picking up Shirley in his arms. This was not a good place for their children to stay. He knew that they should leave as soon as possible.

"Sure," Sheryl agreed. She felt t

ded some valuable images or not," Charles said excitedly. If the camera had recorded the scene when the kids were kidnapped, they would have some important evidence against the kidnapper. With this evidence, they would have an advantage.

"It must have recorded something. I also made him talk to me in front of the camera. I am pretty sure he was recorded even when he made the phone call to you to ask for money," Clark said. He was proud and confident at first, but as he concluded, he looked upset.

'Clark has been so amazing and has put in so much effort to get the criminal arrested. And his efforts were not in vain. So why is he upset all of a sudden?' Charles thought, narrowing his eyebrows.

He asked, "You've found an important evidence for us, Clark. You are like a hero to us. Why are you unhappy?"

"Dad, I know that he asked money from you, and I know that..." Clark paused. He lowered his head in shame.

Charles immediately understood why Clark was upset. 'If he knows something already, then it is better to be honest with him. I don't owe anybody an explanation, but Clark is different. He is a clever boy. I think he will understand,' Charles thought and made up his mind.

"Clark, what do you know?" Charles asked. He squatted down, looking at his son. He decided it was time to tell him everything.

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