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   Chapter 1143 Everything Is Gonna Be Okay

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6898

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Mark was worried whether Warren could successfully complete his mission this time, so he was in position outside the door in case things went south.

But Warren was an expert in combat, and he had the advantage of speed and power over a layman. Now that Duncan didn't have a weapon, Warren could capture him quite easily. Their only worry was the safety of the children.

Bang! Warren broke the thin wood with his elbow. With one hand pressed against the window sill, he leapt and barged into the cabin.

His moves were smooth and he was inside the cabin in only a few seconds.

Without wasting any time, he swiftly inspected the whole room, analyzing its structure in case of any emergency.

The cabin was small and there was nothing much blocking his sight. So he immediately caught sight of Duncan who was holding Clark by his little neck tightly.

"S-stop..." Duncan sputtered in panic. Warren's intrusion infuriated him.

Duncan almost lost control of himself. Tensed and furious, he tightened his grip on the little boy's throat. Clark was tied to a chair with a scotch tape covering his mouth.

Clark wiggled, but didn't make a sound. Even if he hadn't been gagged, he couldn't have uttered a word with Duncan squishing his wind pipe.

His evil behavior enraged Warren. 'He threatened me with Vivi's life first. But she is an adult. Now, he dares to do the same to the kids. He really has become a monster, ' he thought, burning in rage.

Warren's movements were agile, and Duncan didn't have the slightest chance to defend himself. Before he knew it, he was pressed against the floor with his arm firmly locked one over the other. "Did you really think that your threat will work on me again and again?" he asked with a sneer.

"I yielded to you earlier because we were in an open field and because you had a gun. But now, you are powerless and my team has you surrounded. If you dare try to escape, those fellows outside will shoot you dead. Understand? This is the end of the line for you."

He glared at the criminal and shouted out t

y and aggressive. But now, he looked like a desperate loser.

"Money?! How dare you! Do you think that money is yours? You extorted them. Does the law of this land mean nothing to you? How dare you try to bribe us?" Warren berated with contempt in his eyes.

"Take him away!"

"Wait!" Charles cut in abruptly, walking towards them. He asked Duncan, "Tell me why you did this. Was this all your own idea or someone else's?"

"I'm under police custody. Do you think that I will tell you anything?" Duncan snapped at him with disgust. His pleas hadn't worked; he was furious.

'There is no way that I'm answering any of his questions, ' he thought.

"Mr. Lu, how about I take him to the station first? We will make him talk. I think the most important thing for you to do right now is check on your children. We'll take care of the rest," the captain suggested politely. He didn't think Charles could get any information out of Duncan in this situation anyway.

But he understood Charles' doubts. 'This is all very fishy. I doubt whether Duncan had really planned out this whole kidnapping from the beginning.

After the initial blackmailing, he changed his mind and asked Sheryl and her husband for money. He even told Vivi where he was hiding. Considering all this blunder, I don't think it was his idea to organize this kidnapping, ' he analyzed with a frown.

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