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   Chapter 1142 Retreat

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Warren thought, 'If something bad happens to me and Mark doesn't connect the dots to the cabin, they will retreat and it will be very difficult for them to find the children.

Moreover, we didn't hear any sound when we passed by the cabin just now. If the kids are really inside, there are only two possibilities—they are either tied and gagged, or they are unconscious.

Neither of the possibilities is good.'

Warren quickly decided to change his strategy. He felt that he had to take a risk at this point, not for anything else, but for the safety of the children.

"Duncan, where are you going?" Warren asked him, trying to divert his attention.

"Shut up. Stop talking!" Duncan yelled. He was wary of the whole situation and only wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

"I'm just trying to tell you that this direction is far from the road. If you trust me, I know a quicker path which leads to the road," Warren said, pretending to be casual.

He made it sound like all he wanted was to get him out of here and retrieve his gun.

"Just follow me, and stop with your nonsense!" But Duncan was not influenced by Warren's words, and insisted on following his own path.

Warren realized that his initial plan hadn't worked, so he switched his strategy. "Aw, be gentle. My wrist hurts," Warren complained, feigning pain.

"I didn't touch your wrist! Stop with all these excuses. Just keep walking!" Duncan was starting to lose his patience with Warren.

"No, look at my wrist. My hands are locked together, and the suitcase is to my far right, but you are pulling me to the left. So I am hurt naturally from all the twisting and turning; my wrist is stuck!" Warren cried out and bowed his head down, just to prove what he had said was true. "Could you let me shift to a different side? Or carry the suitcase. There's fifty million inside this suitcase; it's too heavy!"

"Damn it! You really are a pain in the ass!" Duncan screamed, but after that, he looked down at Warren's wrist.

Warren wasn

caping it. You should consider your options calmly," Warren shouted.

"Shut up! I don't believe you anymore! Retreat! If you don't leave in the next five minutes, I will kill one of these kids." Duncan was starting to become extremely vicious with paranoia.

"All right! We'll retreat!" Mark had no other choice but to comply.

Warren was reluctant. He gave a sharp look at Mark, asking for one last chance.

Mark refused at first, but when he looked at Warren's confident eyes, he nodded in agreement.

Duncan didn't have the gun. Even if he really wanted to kill the children, he wouldn't be able to do that in less than a few seconds. But if Warren could break in through the window which Duncan had locked shut, he would only need about three to five seconds to enter the cabin and contain the criminal.

Mark knew that Warren was experienced and extremely skillful. So he felt that Warren's idea was feasible and then informed the others to cooperate with him. They had the key to Warren's handcuff and quickly unlocked it, setting him free.

"We will retreat now. Don't hurt the children. As long as you keep the children safe, we will negotiate your demands," Mark shouted towards the cabin.

By the time Mark finished speaking, Warren had already done his warm-up. After a fast run-up, he broke the window and entered the cabin.

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