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   Chapter 1141 Let Down His Guard

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"Yes, I do." Warren didn't refuse because he didn't want all his efforts to go to waste.

"Take out the handcuffs, lock yourself, and throw the key away!" Duncan was getting to be more cautious than before.

Warren smiled and said, "You don't have to be so nervous. If we weren't intending on sparing you, my colleagues over there would have killed you. I just don't want to make this a big deal. I don't want to lose my job for losing the gun. Since this is my decision, there is absolutely no reason for me to deceive you."

"Cut the crap and do as I say." Duncan wasn't interested in what he had to say.

Although he felt that Warren wasn't lying, he couldn't afford to make any more mistakes now.

"Okay, I'll do as you say." Warren took out the handcuffs from his back pocket and threw the key to the handcuffs far away.

A moment later, they heard the key fall onto the ground. At the same time, Warren locked his hands tightly together. He raised his hand, shook it in front of Duncan and said, "Rest assured."

"Turn around and walk towards me."

"Okay." Warren frowned. He didn't expect that Duncan would be so cautious.

He couldn't see anything with his back to Duncan. There was no way he could tackle a man with a gun with his own hands cuffed.

He was pretty much a sitting duck in the current situation.

Despite his unwillingness, Warren did as he was asked.

"I will do whatever you want, but you must keep your promise as well. When you leave, you must leave the gun behind." Warren feared that Duncan might have caught

and liked challenges. He always took on the most dangerous tasks. This time too.

It suddenly occurred to Mark that when he had first joined the SWAT team, he was young and fearless, just like Warren was now.

"You should do as he says. I'm all right. Don't worry," Warren shouted at his colleagues.

On their way out, he casually glanced at the cabin in the innermost part of the underground garage.

The door of the cabin was locked.

He couldn't see what was inside the cabin. It was most strange that the abandoned villa was unlocked everywhere, except for this one cabin.

Moreover, the lock looked new. It didn't seem to have been in the underground garage for a long time at all. It seemed to be a new lock.

Warren suddenly remembered that Duncan had quietly stolen a few glances towards the direction of the cabin earlier.

He made a bold judgment that the children were in that cabin.

They were now quite farther away from the room, and Mark could not see clearly what the expression on Warren's face meant.

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