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   Chapter 1140 Negotiation

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"What?" Duncan was not convinced. The deal was too good to be true.

"Do you know what it mean for a special police to lose his gun? I have been in the SWAT team for three years now. In these past years, I have worked hard every day because I didn't have a wealthy background. The only one I can truly depend on is myself. If I don't work harder than the others, I will be replaced by young men who come after me," Warren said in a bitter tone.

"If they find out that I have lost my gun, I will be suspended or even dismissed. I can't afford to lose my job. If my wife finds out that I have lost my job, she will leave me. She wouldn't want to be with a penniless man like me."

It was difficult to decipher whether Warren's words were true or not. But Duncan began to believe him because no one could understand more than him the fear of being disliked by the love of his life after losing his job. It was the most miserable thing he had to encounter.

The middle class men of the world always suffered from similar miserable situations and had to face the same kind of agony. So Warren's words moved Duncan. He sighed with mixed feelings, "Men have been cursed with that fate."

Hearing Duncan's worn sigh, Warren knew that his words had some effect on him.

"Yes, life is not easy for people like us." Saying that, Warren turned to look at the police officer. "Mark, order the policemen to put down their guns." Warren turned back to face Duncan and said, "All these men have a good relationship with me. We had joined the SWAT team together. So they will aid me. Actually, Duncan, it will also be in your good interest if they choose to help me."

Mark and the others slowly put down their guns as they realized that Warren's method might turn out to have the best outcome.

He had already made some progress. Duncan began to drop his guard against them.

Since the policemen weren't armed anymore, he relaxed a bit. But he still hadn't given up on the money. "Now, bring the suitcase to me! I'm warning you, if you play any tricks on me, you will never find the kids!"

"I won't play any tricks. I promise you," Wa

And they had already made up their minds to devote their lives whenever and wherever the country needed.

Their lives were not a joyous adventure.

They had dedicated their lives to ensure the safety of the people.

After all, someone had to do it. And they were glad that it was them.

"Yes, Sir!" the policemen answered in unison. They were going through complicated feelings now. But after weighing the scales, they knew what they had to do.

Duncan started to calm down when he saw the policemen put distance between them and him. If they kept their word and really released him, he would get the chance to start over.

But before he could run away, he wanted to make sure that his survival would be followed by a carefree life.

"Push the suitcase towards me!" he urged Warren, who hadn't yet done what he had asked.

"Yes, I will. Please stay calm," Warren said in a faint voice to set Duncan's mind at ease.

He gently pushed the case towards Duncan. The case had wheels on it; it slid slowly towards Duncan and was finally in his reach.

Duncan was still pointing his gun at Warren's head. Although there was a short distance between him and Warren, if he fired the gun, it would easily find its mark.

Without looking down at the suitcase, he pulled it to his side with one hand. He then asked Warren in a cold tone, "You are from the special force. You must have handcuffs with you, right?"

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