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   Chapter 1139 Protest

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When Warren was far away from the two of them, Duncan pushed Vivi away with all of his might. He then quickly picked up the gun, along with his luggage in one go, and ran towards the basement's parking grounds.

Seeing this, Warren immediately reacted and went after Duncan. He wanted to catch him as he posed a threat to the others, especially since he had a gun. The officer was well aware that the hostages were in jeopardy once the criminal had made his escape. As Warren ran past Vivi, she immediately fell onto the ground and blacked out due to having a lack of oxygen.

"Vivi! How are you feeling? Are you okay?" Warren cried out as he kept shaking her unconscious body.

After a few seconds, Vivi fluttered her eyelashes open. She gasped for air and responded to him in a weak tone, "I...I am fine, Warren."

"Can you drive?" Warren asked her hurriedly. He was hoping that she would say yes because he didn't have any backup to help him.

After a long pause, she uttered, "Yes..." Her voice was husky and sounded as though she was very weak.

Warren realized that Vivi was still in shock about what just happened.

"Here. Take the keys and drive towards southwest. My fellow-officers are there and waiting for you. I will go catch Duncan," Warren urged. As he gave the keys to Vivi, Warren rushed to the underground parking lot hoping to catch Duncan.

Just as Vivi wanted to respond, Warren disappeared.

She was angry about what Duncan had done to her, but she didn't have the guts to stay there, or seek revenge. She neither had the energy, nor strength, to do so.

Duncan seemed to have gone mad. A vindictive look pondered on his face, which remained vivid in her mind. A cold shiver ran down her spine as she thought that he would kill her if they ever met again.

Frightened, she thought to herself, 'No, I have to leave here immediately!'

Standing up, she was still injured. Nevertheless, she was determined to get to the car and get out of there. She then sprinted towards the car and got into the driver's seat. She started the engine immediately and drove away.

"Sir, I'm afraid I've lost Duncan. He took my gun and ran towards the underground parking area. I suspect that the children have been hidden there. I desperately need backup!" Warren said into his headset as he ran towards the parking lot.

"Mark, please go to the underground garage right now, Be careful, the criminal has a gun and I fear that the hostages might be locked up in the garage. You must keep the children safe at all cost," the leader informed Mark first. He then notified his other subordinates.

After informing all of his team members, he quickly led his men to the underground garage.

"What's happening? How about we go get more money now? I am so scared..." Sheryl said to Charles in a trembling voice. After she heard the leader's instructions, he

it. "Don't you want this?" he asked as he rejoined his team.

"What the hell are you doing, Warren? Don't take any risks now! This is not the time or place!" Mark warned Warren who was walking past Duncan as if he read his mind and was able to perceive his next move. He didn't want to see his companion get hurt.

"Relax. It's okay," Warren returned with a reassuring smile alongside his companion. "Life is hard. All we ever do is work to survive," he said, turning to Duncan.

"However, our job is more than that and has a different purpose. My responsibility is and has always been to protect others. So, most of the time, I don't take my work too seriously. I don't want to get myself killed for the sake of others either," Warren continued.

When he spoke, he stepped towards Duncan with the suitcase in hand.

"Stop! Stay where you are!" Duncan shouted in an alarming tone as his hand which held the gun started to shake. He didn't want anyone to get close to him even though the officer wasn't armed and had fifty million in cash.

"Okay, fine...I won't move. I'll just wait and talk to you here." Warren gave in as he paused for a second. He stood looking straight in the direction where Duncan pointed his gun at.

"I elaborated this much because I was afraid of death and I only wanted to survive. After all, I have a wife and child of my own. I don't want to sacrifice my life here. I think you feel the same way, don't you?" he began.

"Stop talking rubbish to me!" Duncan snapped impatiently. Despite what he said, he didn't mind that Warren was standing right in front of him. It was almost like Duncan had let go of all his fear.

"Let's get straight to the point, Duncan. How about we make a deal? I give you fifty million and you can hold me as a hostage and leave here silently. I only have one condition, give my pistol back when you leave without hurting anyone," Warren negotiated.

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