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   Chapter 1138 Back Off

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6511

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Vivi almost deceived herself into believing her story. But she clearly knew what she was doing.

She would never let herself fall for a criminal.

"I believe you, Vivi. I swear that I will never fail you as long as you are willing to believe in me too," Duncan gushed as he stopped and took hold of her hands. He basked in joy when he heard Vivi's affectionate confession.

He was completely ready to forgive Vivi for breaking up with him without the slightest hesitation.

He didn't care that she had cheated on him with another man.

At that moment, as he held her soft trembling hands, he felt like they were the only ones in the world.

As the dusk set in, the pleasant, intoxicating fragrance of flowers wafted through his nose, and the reflection of the window panes in the deserted villa danced in the light of the setting sun.

Duncan glanced around to see if there was anyone around. Then he stared obsessively at the lovely girl in his arms. Only he knew how much he wanted to pounce on Vivi and press her against the floor. He wanted to ravage and relish her right then and there.

Ever since Vivi had left him, he hadn't seen any other women.

Not to mention, his wife was back in their hometown, far away from Y City.

As he snapped out of his daze, he dropped the luggage onto the ground. With a blank look, he reached out to unbutton Vivi's shirt.

"What are you doing, Duncan?" Vivi asked in a panic, as she caught his hand which was now touching her collarbone. 'She knows what I want. She's just playing coy,' Duncan thought with a smirk.

But he didn't realize at the time that Vivi was waiting for Warren.

"You know what I am doing," he replied with a nasty smile. "Don't worry, Vivi. There's no one around here. It's just you and me."

He impatiently pulled her into his arms. Defeated by his sexual desire, he bit her earlobe sensually and slowly stroke her back.

It had been a long


'Or worse, killed,' he thought.

"Shut up! Drop the gun!" Duncan urged brashly. He was in no mood to hear the officer's lecture. All he wanted was to get out of there.

"All right, man. I will. Cool down." Warren succumbed to his demand for Vivi's safety.

He put his gun down slowly and raised his hands in the air. "See, I did what you asked. Now, let her go," he said.

"Kick the gun to me. Hurry up!" Duncan demanded. He was not a fool. Once he set Vivi free, he would be chased and caught by the officer.

"If you release her now, I will seek leniency for you," Warren tried to negotiate.

He was hoping that he could talk Duncan into releasing the girl. She was wriggling in his grasp.

"Do you want to see her dead?" Duncan snarled at him and tightened his hold around Vivi's throat.

"Fine, okay! Relax! Don't hurt her." Warren yielded as he saw that Vivi's face had turned purple and she looked breathless.

"Hurry up!" Duncan cried out, squinting at the officer.

Warren glanced around quickly, but there was no sign of his fellow officers. Out of option, he kicked the gun towards Duncan.

As the gun slid towards his right foot, Duncan shouted at Warren vigilantly, "Back off!"

"Okay. Just don't hurt her!"

"Move further away!"


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