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   Chapter 1137 Let Down His Guard

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Mark headed into the Beauty Mountain Villa to search for the hostages, while Warren drove Vivi to the foot of the mountain where the villa was.

"What should I do, Sir?" Vivi asked uneasily, fixing her big eyes on the policeman. She was fidgeting inside the car, not knowing what exactly she was supposed to do.

When she had been with Duncan, he was a manager in Tarsan Corporation. But now, he was a kidnapper who would do anything for money.

He was a heartless, dangerous criminal. She was terrified at the thought of going to meet him.

She even regretted hooking up with him now.

"Easy, young lady. Just be yourself and pretend like nothing has happened. Don't panic. Most importantly, don't mention the kids," Warren instructed patiently as he stopped the car at the foot of the mountain.

"Are you not gonna arrest him now?" Vivi asked hesitantly.

She hated to risk her life helping the police catch Duncan.

'I haven't even reached the goal I have fought for so long yet.

I don't want to die at the hands of a criminal,' she thought.

"I will, but not now. You need to get out of the car and distract him first. I will follow you discreetly and make my move when his guard is off. If we get out of the car at the same time, he will get suspicious," Warren warned.

"Will I be in trouble, sir? I am scared," Vivi said, with trepidation written all over her face. After hearing Warren's words, she was even more terrified than before.

'What if he fails to get him on time and Duncan takes me as the hostage?

I have a pretty face. What if he decides to take revenge on me and disfigures my face?

And if that happens, how am I gonna marry into a wealthy family?' Terrible thoughts raced in her mind and she panicked.

"You are going to be in grave danger if you don't get out right now," Warren growled threateningly.

He was sure that he wouldn't have any trouble bringing a measly criminal down. He understood that Vivi was afraid, but he knew that she would be fine. Duncan trusted her and he could easily cuff him while the criminal was being distracted by the girl. He assumed that the kidnapper

nted to divert Duncan's attention, while creating a chance for Warren to catch him.

"All right, let's go. I'd never keep anything from you, I promise." Duncan agreed to take her inside without any hesitation. With the heavy suitcase in one hand, he took his lover's hand in the other.

He felt like the happiest man in the world. He had both, the woman he loved and the money he needed to make her happy.

Although she had left him for a while, he could tell by her behavior that she still cared whether he was seeing someone else.

"You're so nice to me, Duncan," Vivi confessed with fake sincerity, meeting his eyes. She hoped that her fake confession would divert his attention away from the money and lower his guard.

"You dumped me, Vivi. But if you really want to get back with me, I will accept you and treat you as good as before," he said tenderly, as he fixed his eyes on the meek Vivi. Looking at her sincere expression, he thought that he had finally gotten his pride back as a man.

"Duncan, I know I made a wrong decision. I have been thinking about you all these days. You were so good to me. As for that man, he doesn't love me at all. I know you love me with all your heart. If it weren't for that man, I would never have known that you are the only one who truly loves me. I've realized my mistake. From this moment on, I will always be yours and I will never leave you again," she said affectionately.

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