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   Chapter 1136 We Found Him

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Human beings were all greedy!

And Duncan was no exception.

"Shut up!" Duncan glanced at his wrist and found there was a little time left for himself. He needed to quickly hide the two children in the underground garage of the villa and then planned his final recourse to blackmail Sheryl.

As aoon as the police hanged up the phone, Sheryl's phone suddenly rang. It was the electronically converted voice again. "Mrs. Lu, are you missing your children?"

The voice Sheryl heard sounded a little breathless, which gave her a bad feeling. She didn't know what Duncan had just done.

"Have you gotten the money? Could you let my children go?" Fear gripped her heart.

"Mrs. Lu, don't be so anxious. I think you should like to trade with me, right?"

"What do you mean?" What Sheryl worried the most still happened.

Duncan did not keep his promise!

"It's quite simple. Your husband is Charles, who is currently the CEO of Shining Company. Since you two are wealthy, I think that 50 million for you to buy the lives of your children is a bit cheap. Don't you think?" Duncan snorted and continued, "So this time, I don't want just much.' Another 50 million! Put this 50 million at the agreed place just now and then call me. I swear, if you obey me this time, I will return your son and daughter to you!"

"You know you are asking too much!" Sheryl was extremely enraged—this person even dared to ask another 50 million.

How would she get that such amount of money at this time!

"I'm asking too much? Mrs. Lu, I think you should make it clear now who is asking too much!". Duncan had become accustomed to an obedient Sheryl. How could he let her children that easily?

After all, Clark and Shirley were still under his control.

As long as the trump card was still in his possession, he was not afraid of anything!

After throwing out those words, Duncan then gave a heavy slap in Shirley's body, making a loud sound, which shocked Sheryl.

She heard her daughter whimpering, and she could perceive Shirley's writhing in pain.

Shirley was in pain, and she burst into tears. Because her mouth was still gagged, she could only let out a muffled cry.

The child was too scared to struggle, and she was losing contro

!" Several of the police troops had been on the raft as they circled the area. And they were also on high alert as they scoured the surrounding environment. A few minutes later, one of them spotted Duncan who was walking outside the villa.

As soon as he reported this, the other enforcers briskly came over into close proximity and watched Duncan cautiously.

"Sir, we found the suspected kidnapper, a male. No weapons in his hand. But we are not sure yet if there are any hidden guns. However, there are no children around the kidnapper! He is heading down the hill." After his keen observation, Mark immediately relayed the details through the headset.

"Okay, he probably goes out to pick up Vivi. The children might have been hidden by the kidnapper. You quickly scout the whole villa and search through every nook and cranny. The children must be in the villa." The leader took this as good news.

Duncan was sauntering away in a relaxed manner; it would be safe to assume that he let down his guard. With this, it would be easier for them to find the children.

"Yes, sir!" Mark responded.

"Be sure to be vigilant in the search process, and there must be other suspects on the scene!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Duncan is on his way to pick up Vivi, and there are no children in sight. As soon as he appears in front of Vivi, Warren can immediately arrest him!" Finally, the crucial moment came after they had waited for so long.

And apparently, the police's leader was a little excited.

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