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   Chapter 1135 Greed

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"No, no. I just get a little nervous when I see you. When I was a child, my parents often told me to listen to the police and go to the police in case of difficulties, so I..." Vivi started to explain.

But the leader interrupted her. "Shut your nonsense!

Now listen. Warren, you get out of the car. Find a taxi and then track Duncan with Vivi," the leader ordered.

"Yes, Sir!" Warren immediately opened the door and got out of the car to find a taxi.

"Baron, Stanley. You are with me. We'll follow their taxi from a distance."

"Yes, Sir!" the two men nodded.

"Sir, what about our brothers who went to look for them? Should we call them back?" one of the policemen asked.

"Ask them to go to Beauty Mountain Villa. Let's make sure that the suspect is caught alive without bringing any harm to the children."

"Yes, Sir."

Soon after, Warren came back with a borrowed taxi. "Vivi, get in this car."

Vivi nodded in agreement. As she was getting out of the police car, she asked, "Sir, do I need to take the suitcase with me?"

"Bring the suitcase, but not like that," said Warren.

"Not like that? What do you mean?" Vivi was clueless.

Warren turned around and fixed his eyes on a pile of bricks not too far away. He smiled. "Take the money out of the suitcase and put those bricks inside it."

Vivi looked at the bricks and then nodded at him. She was ready to do whatever the police asked her to. She wanted to live a good life; that was all she ever wanted. Even if Duncan was arrested, she could still be with her current boyfriend.

Although that man was too stingy to get her anything fancy, he was still better than a kidnapper like Duncan.

Vivi had always been a realistic woman.

She never denied her purpose, and naturally never gave up on her path to a good life.

As long as

danger at the moment. But it is not clear how many kidnappers are in there or whether they have weapons."

"You have five minutes to get the information. Move!"

"Yes, Sir!"

Duncan was in a good mood. He stared at the two children in front of him. It was undeniable that they had brought him good luck.

But humans are greedy by nature. Duncan realized that he could squeeze out so much more if he kept the children. His heart became darker.

He craved for more. If he had more money, he and Vivi could have a better life. He immediately regretted that he had asked for so little.

'Why didn't I ask for more?' he thought, forgetting his initial reasoning for sticking to small numbers. 'I could have asked a hundred million.'

Moreover, he knew that Sheryl was very obedient, and if he asked again, she would give him anything unconditionally.

He didn't even care that Vivi was already on her way there. He decided to take the risk.

Once again, he tied up Clark and Shirley, and put on their blindfolds and masks.

"Uncle, what are you doing? Didn't you just say that you were going to let us go?" Clark had seen the look in Duncan's eyes, and he knew that his plans had changed for the worse.

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