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   Chapter 1134 Searching

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After hearing this, the SWAT team quickly instructed its men to follow the address given over the telephone and start searching.

Everything was going smoothly according to their original plan.

This person who was coming to get money would be a really important breakthrough. Thanks to Vivi, they not only knew who the kidnapper was, but also his specific location.

As long as Duncan hadn't lied to Vivi, he must be with Clark and Shirley.

On the phone, Clark had said that he was in a very far place that was difficult to get to.

These two points coincided with each other, so the police concluded that Duncan likely hadn't lied.

As long as they worked fast, attacked quickly and didn't let Duncan find them, they would be able to safely rescue Shirley and Clark from the unused Beauty Mountain Villa.

"What are you doing there alone?" Vivi tried to sound surprised, pretending that she didn't know anything.

"I've got business to do here. Alright, don't talk too much. I'll be back in a minute. You wait for me." Duncan's responses made it clear that he had not found any abnormalities in Vivi's demeanor throughout their conversation.

He wanted Vivi to know that he had money and power, and then he would dump her.

Duncan knew that whatever he and Vivi had together would eventually come to an end.

Slowly he was gaining his power back, step by step. He had money now, and would have a lot more in the near future, after which he planned on breaking off all relations with Vivi.

Hearing that Duncan was trying to end the call, Vivi didn't know what to say next. The police handed her a piece of paper that told her what to

he car, and Vivi's lie was perfectly covered up.

Duncan said, "It takes at least an hour to get here from the mall. You're not afraid of getting tired?"

"As long as I can see you, nowhere is too far!" Vivi responded lovingly, making Duncan smile to himself.

"Well, take care of yourself," he replied.

At this moment, Duncan felt his frigid heart start to melt.

He even thought that maybe if Vivi was really aware of her mistakes, he could actually forgive her.

She belonged to him!

"Okay, you wait for me." And with that, Vivi finally hung up the phone.

"You can see that I'm not with him, right? I don't even know where he is, let alone what he's doing," Vivi immediately said to the policemen.

"That doesn't matter right now. What you need to do is cooperate with us so that we can solve the case smoothly, okay?" Not wanting to press the issue, the policeman assured Vivi.

"Alright, dear officer, I will cooperate with you," Vivi nodded.

"Please don't address us like that. We are all adults. Speaking to us in that way will not make us more inclined to help you."

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