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   Chapter 1133 His Exact Whereabouts

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It was the peak hour at the mall, and finding the suspect was like searching for a needle in the haystack. Two policemen entered combing the entire place with tactful vigilance while following the instructions through their headsets. One of them said, "Warren, you go there. I will cover this area." "Okay," replied the cop named Warren.

They made eye contact and nodded their heads in agreement with each other before dispersing to the two different areas. They took nimble steps as they made their way through the crowd trying to make sure that they didn't make their suspect alert about their presence.

"Where did you put the money? I can't find it," Vivi demanded over the phone in a hushed yet agitated voice. She took short and brisk steps, looking here and there as she spoke to Duncan over the phone, oblivious to the impending danger that was approaching her fast with every passing moment.

"It's just kept at the basement. Please search for it carefully," replied Duncan. He had no clue that Vivi had already been watched and followed.

"Okay," Vivi answered briefly before she hung up.

"Warren, it must be this woman. As soon as she lays her hands to that luggage case, you just move fast and subdue her. Do you understand?" The instruction came through the headset.

"Yes, sir," Warren briefly replied.

Vivi took short and brisk steps towards the basement, her eyes roving around to spot the clue that would take her to the money. She felt light-hearted as she started assessing her situation in her mind. Even though Duncan showed that he had forgiven her, she was still in touch with her rich boyfriend. Hence, even if one of them broke up with her, she still had the other one to fall back upon. Whatever happened, she had nothing to lose.

'Duncan, you bastard. There isn't any black luggage case. You must be kidding me,' Vivi cursed inwardly. She checked each and every object that came in her way to spot the fifty million that she was looking for.

She literally combed the entire basement minutely, but the luggage case was just nowhere to be found.

She was growing increasingly impatient. Just then, as she turned her head, her eyes fell on a set of black luggage cases on the display booth of a luggage shop. Her eyes widened as she had a strong intuition that the luggage case she was looking for must be one of these cases.

She stood there pondering over the situation for a while. 'All I have to do is to identify the right luggage case,' she thought to herself. She touched and felt each and every luggage case on the display until she laid her hand on the right one. She tried to move it and felt it was a little heavy compared to the other cases. She tapped on it twice and tried to lift it up. However, she found it too heavy to be lifted.

Then she applied a little force and used her muscle strength to lift it up, but failed in her attempt. She tried again and again and yet again till she managed to muster all her strength to lift the luggage case up. She rolled up her eyes and cursed Duncan as drops of sweat appeared on her forehead. She struggled to get her breathing pattern to normal and then started dragging the luggage case once again. 'Even if Duncan wanted to surprise me, he need not take this convoluted path,' she thought to herself as she gasped for breath.

As bulky as the luggage case was, it was also equally heavy to move. 'What did he put inside it? Could fifty million weigh that much?' she thought as she pulled the luggage case. And

an, you are so kind to me. You are so generous that you sent me so much money. I want to see you now." Vivi kept her voice normal and spoke in an indulging manner to make sure that Duncan could not make out the real purpose behind the call.

Even Duncan could not smell anything fishy. After all, she had the money in her hand.

"Okay. But I'm not at home at the moment. You can reach my house now and I'll be back soon," replied Duncan.

"You are not at home? So where are you now?" Vivi asked typically like a possessive and speculative girlfriend who always demanded to have information about each and every move her boyfriend made. Even this question sounded very normal to Duncan.

"I will tell where I am once I come back. I can't make it clear to you over the phone." Duncan wanted to get back home and check his money.

"Duncan, be honest with me, is there some other woman with you? You are not the type of man who would not give me a clear answer." Vivi pretended to be jealous and very craftily tried to fish for Duncan's whereabouts.

"How could there be some woman beside me? I'm in the mountains right now!" Duncan got irritated and blurted out in an instant. Vivi always seemed to be so madly and deeply in love with him. How could she doubt his loyalty to their love?

"What are you doing in the mountain?" Vivi brushed aside his irritation and probed deeper. With every reply that she received from Duncan, she became confident that her pretension worked.

"I have some work here. Otherwise, why should I come here?"

"I don't believe your words. You must be lying to me. Unless you tell me at which spot you are at the moment, I will take your fifty million and go away. And I promise that you will never be able to find me." Vivi started baiting him with the money as she knew the money was important to him now.

"You…how could you be such jealous? Okay, I will tell you. I'm at the Beauty Mountain Villa on the Green Mountain North Street. The Beauty Mountain Villa is that deserted one." Duncan's voice echoed into her ears as he hastily blurted out about his whereabouts to Vivi out of fear of losing the money. Vivi heaved a sigh as she looked at the cops gesturing them that she had been able to extract the information from Duncan. The cops softened their eyes on her and let out a sigh of relief as well.

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