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   Chapter 1132 The Large Ransom

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"Isla asked us not to talk to her and pretend that we didn't know her when we see her outside, just in case the kidnapper's people are around," Sheryl said to Charles.

"Okay," Charles agreed.

But he figured that there was no need for such precautions. Isla's face was all over the TV during the live press conference. People already knew about her relationship with Sheryl. So, if the person sent by the kidnapper was here, Isla's presence would alert them.

Even though he knew this, he didn't retort because he had some sound speculations regarding the kidnapping.

He assumed that the one who had abducted his children hadn't yet discovered that he had called the police. Moreover, he even surmised that the kidnapper hadn't realized that he was making a serious mistake.

'The kidnapper's initial motive was to make Sheryl admit that she was having an affair even though it wasn't true.

Sheryl didn't hesitate and agreed immediately. After she followed his demands, the abductor was supposed to release the children.

But, the criminal backed out because he noticed Sheryl's absolute obedience.

As a result, the perpetrator decided to demand the large ransom.

Imagining Sheryl as the meek type, the criminal was probably certain that she would agree with his conditions. She brought fifty million dollars in cash and put it in the location as he had instructed.'

As Charles analyzed the situation, he speculated that the abductor must have let his guard down seeing that he had proposed to exchange the money in a shopping mall.

It might have looked like a wise decision because it was a public place with a crowd and the kidnapper might not be exposed easily.

However, the kidnapper had ignored the critical detail that today was the mall's anniversary.

Most people might not think that it was a big deal.

There were more customers than usual in the mall. It might have seemed like a good idea to exchange the money in the crowded place. But the criminal neglected the fact that too many people might cause chaos.

The shopping mall

p the suitcase, understand?" the officer in charge said to his subordinates.

"Yes, Captain. Got it!" The two officers walked briskly towards the shopping mall like a couple of customers.

"How do you know it is her, Mr. Lu? She doesn't look like a bad person," asked Isla, looking at Charles with a perplexed expression.

At that moment, Sheryl joined them. Fixing her gaze on Isla, she asked, "Do you remember I told you that someone slapped me in Tarsan Corporation?"

"Of course, I do! You said that it was Duncan's mistress," Isla replied indignantly.

"Wait..." she said as she collected her thoughts. "Are you saying that woman is Duncan's mistress?" she asked, staring at Sheryl with her eyes wide open in surprise.

"Yes, that's her," Sheryl nodded.

Isla understood what was going on.

"How about we go inside and see what is going on?" she suggested, looking at Sheryl and Charles.

"Please. I figure that that woman knows you, so it'd be better if you stay here. Otherwise, you might alert her. Please trust my men. They will not let her escape," the officer in charge reassured them.

"Okay," Charles agreed with a slight nod.

So did Sheryl. But she nodded not because she believed his words.

At a loss, she thought she had no other choice but to believe the police.

As they waited outside anxiously, the two officers entered the mall.

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