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   Chapter 1131 Don't Be Afraid

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Sheryl dialed Duncan's number and told him that she had done what he had asked.

"Good," he replied with a grin.

"I did what you asked. Please give my children back," Sheryl negotiated, feeling uneasy.

As she was waiting for his reply, anxiety drowned her and she couldn't breathe.

"Relax, Mrs. Lu. You will see your children soon," Duncan responded in a lazy tone.

He still hadn't realized what a serious mistake he had made by kidnapping the kids and demanding ransom. He was yet to connect the dots and figure out that what he was doing was a crime punishable by law.

Perhaps he was taking it easy because the kids he had abducted were obedient, and Sheryl had agreed to his conditions too easily.

He got everything he wanted without getting into any trouble so far.

But this wouldn't be over until Vivi received the money.

He had asked Sheryl to put the money in the mall where Vivi used to work.

When they had first met, Vivi was a shopping assistant in a clothing store and Duncan had just returned from abroad. He had gone into the shop to get new clothes and had encountered Vivi there.

He had become a regular at the store after their encounter. As the two often met, he developed a crush on the young girl. Duncan was new in Y City, but Vivi knew the place very well. Even though she was just an assistant in a shop, she was pretty good looking. And as a result, he hang out with her.

He knew that love was not the reason why they chose to be together, and he didn't care.

He knew that Vivi didn't care either.

But somehow, his heart ached when Vivi decided to leave him for someone else.

It was not until Vivi hooked up with another rich man that he realized his real feelings towards her. He was hopelessly in love with her, even though he knew that she had only agreed to go out with him for his money.

The one who was more invested in a relation

e verge of breaking down. But she restrained herself for she hadn't gotten her kids back yet.

"Yes, I do. Nothing will happen to them," Charles nodded, locking his firm eyes on hers.

"Let's go. If we stay here, they might not show up to take the money." He held Sheryl's hand tightly as they walked towards the exit.

No sooner had they reached the exit than Sheryl got a call from Isla.

"Hello, Sher. What's going on? Why haven't you left the mall yet?" Isla inquired anxiously. She was worried that Sheryl and Charles might have got tangled in some desperate fight with the kidnapper inside the mall.

"We are walking out now," Sheryl replied solemnly.

"Did you see anyone take the money?" Isla asked eagerly.

"No, I didn't. But I think someone will come for it soon," Sheryl replied.

"Okay. We are waiting for someone to show up. When you see me, pretend like you don't know me. I am here with several police officers in civilian clothes. Once we spot the person with the suitcase, we will catch him," said Isla. There was confidence and excitement in her voice.

"Hmm..." Sheryl's voice was low.

Although she didn't think that they could easily capture the person sent by the kidnapper, she nodded her head when she heard Isla's plan.

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