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   Chapter 1130 Waiting For The Right Moment

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Duncan especially didn't want to harm a child who was worth a lot of money.

"Do it quickly. I want the money!" Deliberately, Duncan yelled into the phone. Although he didn't have to give Clark and Shirley a hard time, he had made Sheryl extra nervous, so that she would fear him enough to follow his requests.

"I know, I know. I'll go to the drop-off location now. Please do not hurt my children." Even as Sheryl tried to speak in a hurry, Duncan hung up the phone immediately.

Having heard the conversation on the phone, Charles saw that Sheryl didn't look good and he tried comforting her. "Don't worry. Clark and Shirley are alright. That man wouldn't dare do anything to them."

After reassuring her, he was relieved to see that she calmed down a little bit. Immediately after, he reached for his phone and called Isla. "How is everything going?"

"We've prepared everything well. Did the kidnapper give you the address?" she asked in return. At that time, she was standing beside the best SWAT team in Y City.

"Yes, he did. But this address is in the downtown, and might not be where the kids are. I think the kids were taken to some remote area," Charles replied. After considering what Clark told them, Charles was quite sure that the Children weren't in the downtown.

"Alright. We can work separately in two groups. One will go to the address you were given, and the other will go search for the children in remote areas," suggested Isla.

"Yes, we'll do that. Keep in contact."

After agreeing to Isla, Charles hung up.

Having confirmed the plan, Charles sighed in relief. Looking at the address on Sheryl's phone, he gathered the courage to face what they had to deal with later on. "Let's go, Sher. Our children will be fine. We're going to save them."

In spite of her worries, Sheryl gained some confidence from Charles' determined eyes. His firmness made her feel more reassured.

Thinking about her children, she knew that it wasn't the right time to waste on being afraid and worried.

What she had to do was find her children immediately.

The address that Duncan gave them wasn't very far from Dream Garden. It was in crowded downtown. In other words, it wouldn't be easy for the police to find Duncan and arrest him in this place.

The m

of the mall with a suitcase, follow them."

"Yes, Sir," the others answered promptly.

At that time, Sheryl reached the basement level.

Since suitcases weren't things people needed to buy frequently, it was much quieter than the ground floor.

Therefore, the shopping guides didn't have so many guests to guide. Without much work to do, they mostly gathered together in groups to chat with each other.

Because of that, Sheryl knew it was time to find the right place to put the suitcase. Giving Charles a single glance, she went towards the shop in the corner of the floor.

Luckily, the shop happened to be selling black suitcases, same as the one they had.

It wouldn't be easy to spot a new suitcase among similar ones.

Since Sheryl wasn't strong enough to lift the heavy suitcase onto the platform, Charles did it for her while she stood guard, making sure the shopping guides weren't paying attention.

"Let's go."

Charles took her hand and led her out of the basement level immediately.

"Charles, what are we going to do now?"

When they got back upstairs, Sheryl asked him about the plan.

"Call the kidnapper again."

So long as they had put the money in the right place, Charles was certain that the kidnapper would ask someone to pick it up.

Meanwhile, the policemen were still waiting at the gates of the shopping mall. It didn't matter whether the person came from outside or inside the shopping mall because he would still need to leave the mall after he picked up the suitcase.

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