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   Chapter 1129 Don't Play Any Tricks

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"Leave them to me."

Eagerly, Isla offered her help as she glanced at the reporters before leaving the backstage.

"Ms. Zhao, do you know anything about Mrs. Lu's affair?" A reporter came forward as she interviewed Isla. Since the reporters couldn't see Sheryl, they swarmed around her employee instead.

"What's going on with Mrs. Lu? She had refused it before, but why did she suddenly admit it now when Mr. Lu tried to prove her innocence?"

"Did she do this to embarrass Mr. Lu? Did she do this to make Shining Company the laughingstock?


Being bombarded with all kinds of sharp questions left Isla overwhelmed.

"I understand that you all have a lot of doubts. I will answer your questions today," Isla began curtly. Even with all the chaos around her, she maintained a diplomatic smile.

Pointing to the hall, she continued, "Everyone, please follow me. You will know what you want to know."

"Ms. Zhao, are you sure you're going to answer all of our questions?"

Skeptical, one of the reporters had to confirm.

"Yes, you heard me," Isla confirmed. "But I will only answer those who enter the hall.

You'd better hurry up if you don't want to miss the chance. I don't like to be kept waiting. Only a hundred will be permitted to enter."

As soon as she finished talking, some reporters who surrounded her ran toward the auditorium.

As she saw the remaining reporters around her, Isla stood still and smiled slightly.

Isla's composure made the persistent reporters uneasy. As they looked between Isla and their companions in the auditorium, they began to wonder whether or not they should join the others.

They were all aware that there were over a hundred reporters at the press conference. 'When she said that, she looked serious. Perhaps she meant it,' thought the remaining journalists.

Even though they were not sure about her words, they wouldn't take the risk of losing the chance to get answers.

After all, it was big news. Once any of them got to dig something up about the case, they would easily get a raise or even promoted. Otherwise, they could get

n about their location.

However, Duncan started to pick up on it and was about to shout at the cunning boy before stopping himself because he hadn't yet changed the phone's voice mode. Instead, he just snatched the phone from Clark.

Glowering at the child with threatening, fuming eyes, Duncan made Clark feel his fury. The boy realized that his behavior was dangerous. Duncan wasn't stupid after all.

As he changed the phone's settings to hide his real voice, he snarled at Clark with a twisted face. "Brat, you'd better not play any tricks. If you don't keep quiet, I'll kill you!"

Getting back on the phone, he warned, "Mrs. Lu, you've heard your son's voice. He's still alive and quite smart. I'm warning you, you'd better not do anything stupid. Do as I tell you or else, you know the consequences."

Duncan's good mood was tainted because of the little stunt.

"I will do whatever you ask. Please don't get angry. My son is just scared. He's always like this when he's terrified," Sheryl tried to explain. When she heard the man berate her son, her heart skipped a beat nervously.

However, thanks to Clark, she got some useful information.

At least she knew that they were in a deserted place, far away from Dream Garden.

In truth, Duncan never meant to punish Clark for what he said. The boy was only three years old, after all, and Duncan had no intention of hurting a child.

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