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   Chapter 1128 Raising Money

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"But how can I arrange so much cash in such a short time?" questioned Sheryl. She was shocked when the man demanded ransom all of a sudden. This was not part of their initial deal.

"That's why I am giving you one hour to prepare the cash. Mrs. Lu, I warn you. Don't play any tricks on me. If you dare to call the police, you know how this will end." Duncan continued to threaten her using her kids.

Duncan was just pretending to sound peremptory. He wanted to make Sheryl more anxious and terrified. Clark and Shirley were, in fact, safe with him. Apart from Shirley getting too scared due to the blindfold, the kids weren't caused any physical pain.

However, Sheryl didn't know this. All she could imagine at that moment was her kids being in some kind of terrible danger. Every second lost was adding great risk to the kids.

She was too scared to wait any longer.

"Fine, I will get the money. But I need you to promise me that once we give you the cash, you will free my kids," Sheryl demanded.

"Rest assured, Mrs. Lu. I have seen what I needed to see and have got what I wanted. Once I get the money, I won't be stupid enough to kill anyone. However, the basic premise of all this is that you don't call the police." Duncan's words sounded tough but reasonable, which convinced Sheryl to a certain extent.

"Deal!" There was no room for her to bargain with him. Besides, she was not in the mood to do so either. All she hoped was that her kids would be sent back without any mishap.

After she hung up, Charles walked towards her with a stern look and asked, "When did this happen to Shirley and Clark? Who did this to them?"

Clearly, Charles had too many questions, but Sheryl was at a loss.

"I don't know when it happened either. I heard the phone ring when I was about to leave the backstage. From the other end of the phone, I heard our kids' voices. Charles, they were crying, both of them, at the top of their voices!"

Sheryl looked terribly upset as she described the situation to Charles. Isla was beside Sheryl. When she looked at Sheryl's teary eyes, she sniffled a tear herself.

Isla really wanted to hold Sheryl in her arms and console her. However, when Isla was about to stretch out her hand, Charles got closer to Sheryl and wrapped her in his arms in an instant. He kissed Sheryl on her forehead and comforted her, "It's all right, Sher. Don't be scared. You have me. I won't allow anything bad to happen to our kids. I promise."

In Isla's imagination, she had always wondered what kind of man could be recognized as an indomitable

he asks us for money we are not able to afford, then Shirley and Clark will be in real danger."

Sheryl's face suddenly grew rigid with both confusion and realization at his words.

Charles' words were finally having some effects on her.

She froze for a while and then came to herself, asking anxiously, "Charles, what should we do now?"

"We'll inform the police and ask them to investigate into this in secret, to help us from the shadows. At the same time, we do as he asked. When we take the cash to him, we should be smart and quickly act according to the situation." In his mind, Charles had already designed a scheme to deal with this blackmail.

"Do what needs to be done, Charles," Sheryl nodded towards Charles, numb from shock. She was convinced by Charles' explanation. She felt at a loss, so the best thing to do was listen to her husband.

"Time is precious. Let's split up. You and Isla go and exchange the cash. His men might be spying on you, so it's not wise for you to show up at the police station with me. I will go to the station alone." Isla nodded to everything and agreed with him.

She offered to take her stand and said in a determined tone, "All right! Let's do this." Charles smiled and nodded at her. He quickly looked at his watch to check the time, then turned to look at Sheryl and said, "Eight minutes has passed, which means, we have fifty-two minutes left. Let's pick up the pace!"

When Sheryl was about to rush out from the backstage, she was at once reminded that there was a crowd of reporters waiting for her outside. She turned to Charles. "There are so many reporters out there. The moment we walk out, they will definitely surround us. How can we get out quietly?"

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