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   Chapter 1127 Fifty Million

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But Sheryl's words didn't eliminate Charles' doubts. He grabbed her hand tightly and tried to see through what she was thinking.

"Mrs. Lu, are these erotic pictures real?"

"Mrs. Lu, you gave some details just now. Are you saying that all these pornographic photos are real? Would you like to tell us more about this?"

"Mrs. Lu, could you elaborate?"

"Please give us an explanation."

The reporters shot many questions simultaneously, and Sheryl was nearly encircled by them.

Their questions were all sharp. Sheryl didn't know which question to answer first. But she knew that despite the different types of questions, all they were truly interested in was the same thing.

"Yes. I understand that all of you want to know whether the woman in these photos is me. It is precisely what you thought it was. The pictures are real," Sheryl confessed according to the man's instructions. Hearing her words, Charles clutched her arm and pulled her towards him.

"Are you crazy?!" Charles yelled at her out of anger and surprise. He lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "Sher, what are you doing? Are you trying to destroy yourself?"

Sheryl couldn't bear the grievance and hopelessness anymore. She looked at Charles, her eyes filled with tears and said in a low voice which only he could hear, "Charles, I was left with no other choice. They have kidnapped Shirley and Clark! I have no choice but to do as they say."

Charles was dumbfounded at the spot when he learned the truth. He had never expected them to use their kids to threaten them.

At that moment, he didn't have much of a choice either. He couldn't do anything in the present situation. After all, they must have hidden somewhere and were probably watching the live broadcast at that very moment.

They would keep their eyes on Sheryl to make sure that she had acted in line with their instructions.

Hearing Sheryl admit the porn-photo scandal, the reporters were as surprised as Charles. They became more excited and shot more questions at Sheryl. After all, she

Now that you have done what I asked, I will keep my promise. Don't worry," the man answered in a cold tone.

"What about my kids? What should I do now?" She wanted to see them as soon as possible.

"That's simple. Prepare fifty million dollars for me. I will call you again after you've prepared the money. I think one hour is sufficient, isn't it? And Mrs. Lu, please bear in mind that I need it all in cash," Duncan demanded. He originally hadn't planned on blackmailing her for money.

But Sheryl's begging voice aroused his ambition. He hadn't known the relationship between Charles and Sheryl earlier. But now, he pretty much knew what was going on. Now that he knew that the woman had Charles as her strong backer, he was sure that fifty million was easy cash for her. So, why not reap some benefits while he was already at it?

But he still didn't dare ask for more. He was a little afraid that Sheryl would call the police if he pressured her too much. Although fifty million dollars was the kind of cash Duncan would get after arduously working for an entire life, it was just profit of a small order for Charles.

He figured that it was a good bargain for Sheryl and Charles to use just fifty million to buy the safety of their kids.

It wouldn't be too risky for him because it was loose change for them and he didn't do anything bad to the kids.

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