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   Chapter 1125 Mom, Help!

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It was a chilly male voice, and his voice was much more stable than the people just now.

Clark assumed that it was this man who wanted to kidnapped them, and the others were just following his orders.

"Who are you? What do you want? I will cooperate with you to get whatever you want," Clark said, remaining abnormally calm.

Duncan was a little surprised by his behavior. He couldn't believe that those were the words of a three-year-old child.

"Since I am a responsible adult, I won't hurt a child. As long as you listen to me and obey my words, I promise that you will be safe." Duncan only wanted to take his revenge on Sheryl. He had no other intentions.

After all, committing murder would result in jail time for him or even worse. He didn't want to die yet. He still wanted to go back to Tarsan Corporation.

"Uncle, you were wrong. It's just that you can't hurt two children!" Clark said calmly.

He was a little wary after the words had slipped out. He knew that he was being a bit reckless. If the man in front of him was not as calm as he had thought, he could get irritated by his words.

And the consequence of pissing off this man could be quite serious.

"Haha! You really are an interesting kid!" It was Clark's win; his guess was right. This man was not concerned with such details. He only cared about "the pleasant cooperation" between them.

"Since you think I'm an interesting kid, could you take off my blindfold? I am just a child; it is impossible for me to escape. But being blindfolded is a little scary." Clark made his plea.

He wanted to see what the man in front of him looked like. Only then could he tell his mom, dad and the police about the kidnapper when he was saved.

"Boy, you have been kidnapped. Do you think you are in a position to ask for favors?" Duncan

was left backstage, so no one heard it at first.

The phone rang again. This time, Isla had gone backstage to get some documents that she needed for later. She heard the phone ringing in Sheryl's bag.

She took out the phone from the bag and saw the unknown number on the screen. She didn't want to pick some strange call at an important time like this, so she was about to hang up when Sheryl walked in. "Isla, who is it?"

"I don't know. I was going to cut the call and wait until the end of the press conference to tell you. But since you are here, just take a look." Isla shrugged and handed the phone to Sheryl.

Sheryl looked at the caller ID and felt uneasy for some reason.

But she still answered.

As soon as the call connected, she heard the cry of the child. "Mom! Mom, help us."

It was Clark's voice. There was no mistaking it.

"Clark! What happened? Where are you? Don't be afraid, Clark. Mommy will help you. Tell me where you are."

She heard another teary voice. "Mom..." It was Shirley this time.

"Shirley! What's wrong? Where are you both?" Sheryl's heart raced.

She screamed in exhaustion, which immediately alerted Isla.

"Sher, what happened?!" Isla asked, terrified.

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