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   Chapter 1124 Don't Make Futile Effort

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The car was waiting for Sheryl outside Dream Garden. As the car zoomed off, Duncan came out of the corner and waited till the car was absolutely out of the sight. He gave a malicious smile as he looked at the Dream Garden with a scheme rising in his mind.

As Sheryl reached the conference, she headed straight to see Charles. "Where is the evidence? I want to see it," she said in an impatient voice.

Sheryl was eager to prove her innocence to the world. Hence, she couldn't wait for it any further to get her hands on the evidence.

"Sher, take it easy. You will see it soon. Don't worry; your innocence will be proved to the world in no time. As soon as the evidence is revealed, everyone will know the photos are false," Charles answered in a stern tone to reassure Sheryl.

"Fine then. I just promised Shirley and Clark to send them to their kindergarten tomorrow." Sheryl heaved a sigh of relief to hear Charles. For so many days, the whole family had been avoiding meeting anyone. They had even discontinued school for the kids. Sheryl hoped that they could get back to normalcy once the false news about her was proved in front of the public.

"Don't worry. The press conference will begin after half an hour. Then all the unreasonable accusations and blames you suffered would disappear. The media will turn to blame the person who had framed you. So just take it easy. It will be fine soon," Charles said tenderly and looked at her affectionately.

Sheryl was moved by his words and gesture. Had it not been for Charles' unwavering trust and his support, she must have been destroyed by such a devastating blow.

Although they argued with each other during these days, Charles stood by her like a rock. He was her strength at this hour of despair, ready to go to any length in order to prove her innocence in front of the people.

He would never give up on her under any circumstance.

After making Sheryl feel comfortable, he led her to her seat and then turned to David. "Make the final preparation ready to make sure the conference is ready to start. Make sure to double check each and everything to make sure that nothing goes wrong due to any reason," Charles ordered David.

"Yes, Mr. Lu. Everything is ready. We are all set before the truth is revealed to the public," David said confidently.

After checking all the pieces of evidence with David, Charles heaved a sigh of relief. Charles looked at Sheryl and gave her a reassuring smile. Then he moved on to look around for the other arrangements at the conference. Sheryl sat quietly, waiti

tried to stick with each other as they tried to gauge if they were left alone. Their hands were still tied, their eyes covered.

"Shirley, are you afraid?" Clark asked with concern.

"Yes, I am. Where are you?" Shirley's fear was revealed through her shivering voice.

"Don't worry. It will be okay. I will protect you. Don't be afraid. I'll be with you. Maybe you can't see me, but I can see you." Clark continued to pacify Shirley and keep her relaxed.

"Okay, Clark. I'm not afraid anymore because you are there with me." Shirley's mood calmed down gradually and she stopped sobbing.

"Who are those men? Why did they kidnap us?" Shirley asked Clark.

Clark didn't know the reason either, and it was not even important for them. The first thing he should think about was the way out of this place.

"I don't know it either. But it's clear that they want something in exchange for something with us. Till the time, they get what they want, we will be safe." Clark analyzed the situation with a sober mind.

Clark was remarkably receptive, matured and intelligent for his age.

He twisted his wrist to loosen the rope that was tied around them.

After a few attempts, he gave up this idea as it only ended up creating friction between his tender skin and the rope while the rope didn't get loose.

Then he tried to move his feet. But it didn't work either.

"Huh! Boy. Do you think you can do whatever you want in my place? Don't make a futile effort. Even if you can manage to get rid of the rope, you can never run away from my hands. Just sit quietly and don't make the situation worse for yourself." An extremely cold and stern voice echoed through the room making both the kids startled.

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