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   Chapter 1123 The Plan

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'Shirley is a simple little girl. She will believe whatever I tell her. But Clark is different. He is sensitive and shrewd. And he will read my mind like an open book. I have to be extremely careful when I talk to him, ' Sheryl thought.

"I know that they must want to go to school. But hold on for another day. Once we hold the press conference and prove your innocence, everything is gonna be fine," Charles comforted her.

"I hope so. Do I need to be at the conference tomorrow?" Sheryl asked.

"You'd better come. Nancy can watch the kids. I will send a car to pick you up. Try not to be discovered by the paparazzi. Even if they do catch you off guard, it's okay. After all, the truth will come out soon," Charles replied. There was a hint of relief and delight in his voice.

Sheryl agreed with him. She said, "You have a point. I will be there tomorrow."

After leaving the cafe, Duncan walked alone on the road pensively. He mulled over what Holley had said. He had to take this opportunity and get himself back inside Tarsan Corporation.

'The only way to get my job back is to please Rachel, ' he thought.

He used all his connections and finally found Sheryl's address, Dream Garden. Without any hesitation, he drove straight to where Sheryl lived and lurked outside her house.

He had arrived at Dream Garden right after lunch. But soon, night set in. He hadn't seen a single soul anywhere near the house. No one left and no one went in either. He lost his patience and was disappointed by the lack of activity. Just when he was about to leave, he caught sight of a figure in the yard.

Excited, he drew closer to get a clear picture of the person. Judging by her attire, he assumed that she was a maid of the household.

His enthusiasm vanished instantly. 'She is just a servant. She can't be of any help, ' he thought. He decided to give up and go home.

"Hello, why are you calling me often now?" The maid's voice reached Duncan's ears. He didn't know whom the old woman was talking

minds at home without being able to attend school. But don't worry. If everything goes well, you can go back to school tomorrow," Sheryl beamed.

Clark could sense the relief in Sheryl's tone. Besides, his mother gave him a genuine smile. He concluded that his mother's problems were going to be settled soon. With a bright smile, he exclaimed, "That sounds good, Mom. You are the best. I love you!"

"Thank you, honey," Sheryl said, looking at her son affectionately. His simple words warmed her tensed heart.

"Be good and play with Nancy at home. I will be back soon," Sheryl said as she stroke their heads fondly.

"Mom, I want pizza. Can you buy some on your way back?" Shirley asked in a cute girly voice, as she blinked her large, innocent eyes.

"Sure, darling. I will buy the bigger one so that you can eat with your brother, okay?" Sheryl said with so much love for her little daughter.

"Great! Thank you, Mommy!" Shirley smiled from ear to ear and waved her hand enthusiatically.

"Bye!" Sheryl waved back at them with a wide smile.

"Bye, Mommy!" Clark said.

"Bye, Mommy!" Shirley said again, along with Clark. The two kids waved their goodbyes with a glee on their little faces.

When Sheryl got out of Dream Garden, there was no paparazzo stalking her. Things had gone well so far. She was in a good mood.

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